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MercyMe - Dear Younger Me (Official Lyric Video) 5
From the album "Welcome To The New"
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Growing up, I was abused by my father. I remember several times when he beat my mother to the point she she could barely open her eyes. He would come home drunk several days out of the week and blast his stereo at 3AM when my mother and I were trying to sleep. When she would tell him to turn it down, it would lead into a fight, where fists flew. I’ll never forget things her grabbing me, and trying to drive off while he jumped on the hood of the car. I’ll never forget seeing blood on the steering wheel. I grew up catholic, and I prayed almost every day but didn’t see a change. My mother did the best she could with what she had, and we had left him for a while, but he “changed his ways” and she took him back. Things continued to be about the same. She worked, and my father didn’t. I grew up in poverty. I slept in the living room, because the roof was so bad my room would often flood and my bed was rotted. I never said anything in school, and always tried to fake a smile. While spending the majority of my childhood like this, I became a sour individual. I hated others who hadn’t gone through what I went through, I felt like there was a God but he didn’t want me either. I figured if he did, I wouldn’t have grown up the way I did. I resented God, and was a very angry individual myself. The sad part is, I had to grow up fast, and as a child I always thought I’ll never treat my family like this. While I was never into alcohol, and I never physically hit anyone, I was emotionally abusive. At work, I would punch toolboxes and throw tools. Later, I found out my father had (still has) stage IV cancer. He quit drinking altogether, and after my mother’s heart attack, fibromyalgia, and diabetes, he does treat her better. He still has a little bit of a temper. A few years ago, I met an individual who I truly believe God put him there. He steered me back to God, much like the storyline on the movie Fireproof. At the time, I was almost staring at divorce in the face. Now, I can see why God did the things he did. I know he has a reason for everything, and I’m a very calm person. It’s crazy how people react when I tell them my past and how angry I was. I know I’m nowhere near perfect, I’ll always be on the path of God, and I owe everything to him. He opens the doors, and I he works through me.

If I could tell my younger self one thing, I’d say God has bigger, better plans in store. I’d also say to remember Ephesians 4:17-31, proverbs 29:11 and 29:22, and Joshua 1:9

Sorry for this long comment. Lol

Author — Brenndon McGill


a foolish man looks on his past and wishes to change it, but a wise man looks to future and does his best to prevent it from happening again.

Author — theawesomewarlover


Love this song. Dear Younger Me, I'm glad you didn't give up, and I'm glad you found love, and that love is Jesus Christ. ❤

Author — Cheyenne Autumn


Dear Younger Me,
It's not your fault
You were never meant
to carry this upon the cross
*Favorite part*

Author — Marisa Schini


please pray for me people. I pray someone out there will understand me on a spiritual level because I am brokenhearted daily.

Author — _1990_babyface


"You were never meant to carry this beyond the cross" Amen!!! All of our mistakes, wrong doings, short comings, bad decisions, committing sin we don't have to walk around feeling guilty" Amen! Dear younger me, oh the things I would change but we live and we learn.

Author — Valjermayne


You! Yeah you! What R U doing sitting there on that computer/phone/gaming system! Go and make the best of your life! This? This is just a motivation for you. What? Why do I care? Because GOD cares! That's why he sent Jesus to die on the crossand me.. well I'm just a humble servant I'm not perfect I make mistakes I fall and do you know what you do when you fall? You get back up! So do me a favor and don't end up like me fight your temptations, drown your enemies in love, fight the evil attacking you with GOD at your side!!! And if you do meet someone who is Mad, Sad, Fearful, depressed, and all of the bellow give them a hand & Tell them GOD loves them.             THATS MY ADVISE TO YOU GOODBYE.

Author — HunnyDea


Dear Younger were NEVER meant to carry this beyond the you that just spoke so deep to my heart. I have allowed the hurts and pains from my childhood to follow this far.

Author — Melissa Sepulveda


Dear younger me, it's ok, you were not meant to fight this fight by yourself, thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for us. :)

Author — Vi11ag3r


Dear younger me, life is gonna get really hard. Things are gonna happen that you don't like. You will have to make hard decisions that you aren't ready to make. But it'll be okay. You will see. Just keep your Lord Jesus close to your heart, and you will be alright.

Author — Crusty The Third


42 years of poor choices and mistakes. No more!!! Thank you, God for never giving up on me.

Author — Deborah Glick


I'm still young. 14 today, and this song showed me a bit of what i have done in my past.... and a lot of mistakes still surround me.... I then learned that I am STILL young. I have a longer way to go... and I'm going to take what I learned from MY younger me to make the best of my life today and tomorrow and

Author — Franco Angeles


Oh, there are so many things I would tell younger me.

Author — Jennifer Hensley


Dear younger me, I still don't know who I am I struggle with my relationship with Jesus

Author — Lamae Oberton


Nice song. Makes me wonder what I would write to my younger self.

Author — Richard Kardos


Dear younger me, Hard to follow but trust God because your the character of his great story and he writes you in the way that's beautiful and in the path of his great plan for me. It's hard to believe but just believe it! He loves me even when I doubt! Amen

Author — victoria parker


I remember when I first herd this song. They had always played it right after church service. it took me a while to find it and when I did, the lyrics connected to me on a spiritual level. I am dealing with allot of past regret and mistakes, sometimes I wish I could go back in time and do it all over again to avoid meeting the people that caused me to have allot of pain. back then I wasn't Christian I was faking it to please my mom who was verry spiritual. I ended up sleeping with my best friend who was lying and manipulating me at the age of 13. I just wish that I could learn to forgive myself for all of the wrong I did, but this song is helping me learn that God is on my side.

Author — Samii Sage


You guys are truly amazing. Even without hearing the story behind this song, I could tell some hardships inspired it!

Author — Jordan Mitschelen


Well, I'm not a religious person but I really love this song. it speaks to me <3

Author — RandomCharlie


Dear younger me, if I would have known then what I know now... Waaa mercy me, I love you guys.. You've literally ministered to me

Author — gabriela omia