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There was a surprise waiting for us at the end of that oasis! Hard to believe that this green jungle surrounded by mountains is really in Saudi Arabia. Not the desert landscape we're shown in the media!

This beautiful oasis in the heart of the Aseer region is remote and hard to get to, but it was worth every mile travelled! When you go to pristine places like this, always remember to bring your trash back with you and leave the place as you found it!

Please note: as per the disclaimer at the end of the video, my trip to KSA was entirely independent and self-funded.

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I worked as a nurse in Saudi Arabia over 30 years ago--nicest people I've ever met and they have a great sense of humor. Hope it's still the same. I used to say that it's the only country you could walk across and never starve. Shukran and Asalam Alaikum to you all xxoo

Author — debra k


Love Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦❤🇸🇦 Assaluamu Alyaikum from Dagestan (Russia)

Author — Disca Discacom


I've worked n Saudi for almost 8 yrs bt didn't know such amazing place exist love the people they're hospitable what makes it more memorable Allah the most high gave me hudaya n able to visit the most beautiful places n the entire universe Makkah n Medina for free, alhamdulilahirabilalameen... greetings from Philippines

Author — edgar tanjay


This place is amazing mashallah 🇰🇼❤️🇸🇦



Great video, what a special spot. At 12:30 notice his t-shirt: Hollister, California. I've been wanting to make a video about Hollister t-shirts for years. It's something of a mystery. Many years ago in the course of my travels, I started to notice people wearing Hollister t-shirts. And the more I noticed them, the more I started to notice them. They're everywhere. Any country you go to it seems you'll find people wearing t-shirts saying Hollister, California on them, both tourists and locals. They must be the most popular t-shirt in the world, simply based on my having observed them everywhere I've been. There's no other t-shirt I see on such a regular basis while traveling. And here's the really mysterious part: Hollister, California is a nothing town. I'm from California. I'm back home in California right now. And Hollister is a town that no one goes out of their way to go to. It isn't even on the beach. It doesn't have a university. It's an agricultural town. There's nothing remarkable to see there. So why in the world is it such a popular t-shirt?? You'll even see Hollister shirts that feature images of the ocean and surfboards, even though it isn't by the ocean. It's just very strange as a Californian to see these shirts all over the world, even more common than shirts that say Los Angeles or Hollywood or San Francisco. I don't think I've ever been to Hollister myself, and I've been all over California. But the funny thing is that I might finally go there next week. I'm planning a road trip here in California and there's a place I want to visit in which I'll have to drive right through Hollister to get there. So I'm looking forward to finally visiting Hollister and seeing what it's all about. I wonder if the people who live there even realize their little town is world famous? Probably not. Even the people who wear the shirts most likely have no idea where it is or what's happening there. So if you happen to read this message Eva (or any other travelers), keep your eyes open for Hollister t-shirts, because now you're going to start seeing them more and more. :)

Author — Gabriel Traveler


Respect to those guy praying on the dirt 4:53



I love saudi arabia. 🇧🇩❤🇸🇦 Right now, i am here.

Author — shovo ahmed


I hope that I can go to SA next year; I have always wanted to and can't wait; all the Saudi nationals that I have met have all been polite & kind.

Author — Rikki McAndrew


I have spent 20 years of my life in Saudi Arabia.. Love U Saudi Arabia....♥️♥️♥️♥️

Author — B_e_A_s_T


Saudi Arabia is a very beautiful country, all love for them I'm from Somalia🇸🇴❤️🇸🇦🌴

Author — KHALED'18


Oh my eva, i remember myself to you. When i drive motorcycle in that kind of road while raining. And ask myself why i do this to myself 😂🤣. Related to much dear.

Author — sam alegre


لاتعلمينهم المكان لين يوزعون القوات الخاصه للأمن البيئي ولا م راح تحصلين مكان نظيف فيه ناس هم والزباله اخوان مايرتاح لين يرمي الأوصاخ وراهه

Author — خالد


I am from saudi arabia, and i didn't even know that the south is that beautiful. 😍

I am absolutely going there just wating for a perfect chance.

Author — 5Khalied5


Gosshhh I'm in love with Saudi Arabia already... Lots of love from Vietnam!

Hey my special friend #Ruba -- Your country is out of this world <3

Author — Shark Dzung


I thought Saudi Arabia was all over the desert. love and respect from Iran

Author — Vahid a.ahmadi


On 13:50 check the boys respect that when you shake hands they kiss their hands back as a gesture of peace and love ❤🌹🌹🌹

Author — Awes Yazid


Subhan Allah.. Really beautiful 😍 🇵🇰💚🇸🇦

Author — Saad Rasheed


That description of the last interaction with the boys was so heart warming.

Author — asheholeo3210


Waw, Im saudi and even dont know about this place, incradble vlog 🌹.

Author — Khaled juhani


Thank you for showing us this beautiful side to Saudi.

But a part of my heart feels.. This part is better left untouched. In the name of tourism.. 100s of thousand people will rush there and spoil the harmony of the eco system.

Author — MsEternalpeace