Trump departs G7 summit, protests continue

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Trump departs G7 summit, protests continue 3

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Trump on Russia annexing Crimea, "it's been done a long time." -referring to events that happened in 2014.
Trump on Canada being a U.S. national security threat, "didn't you guys burn down the White House?" -referring to events in 1814, 53 years before Canada even became a country.

Ok. Sure. Yep. :/

Автор — Katriana Benson


How a business man has no understanding of economics is beyond me

Автор — *Cory in the closet*


trump is a Bull Shitter, the only thing you should know about him is that he has no clue as to what is going on ... he is only capable of BS.

Автор — 45von


he's crying for russia to be allowed back into the group after russia was kicked out for invading their neighbour, he;s doing everything to mess up western alliances and trade - he's an agent for putin and a traitor

Автор — Laszlo Zoltan


I'm just happy he's out of my country now

Автор — thatother girl


he left the G7 early because he doesn, t like others going against him, he likes to have his say then leg it before someone has a go back at him. he has surrounded himself with arse kissing flunkies who agree with what ever he says.

Автор — mick sc


As a former American dairy farmer i applaud the way Canada supports its farmers. We in America have been sold down the river. If we had been pressured to lower production on the mega farms maybe small dairies would still exist.

Автор — Amy Jones


Its not about trade - it's about making the loudest noise possible to drown out questions about collusion. This guy may sink America just to make soundbites.

Автор — Dean Bombaderi


A 10? Your wife doesn't even think your relationship is a 10. When world leaders smile at you, they are trying not to laugh.

Автор — Kristi Valdez


A tariff is just a hidden tax the US consumer pays. That is a fact. Tariffs harm the consumer and make the corporate CEO's rich.

Автор — Twostones00


He was talking to the other leaders like they are just managers of one of his departments, he has no clue about the world.

Автор — Ron Dutch


Cut the cord and let the US burn, Canada was better off before NAFTA anyway.

Автор — Commander Spock


We need to vote out the flunky and vote in someone who will stand up to this pathetic excuse for a president, especially as it's looking increasingly likely he's going nowhere before 2024.

Автор — Sebastian Elytron


Trump's favorite country is Russia. His thoughts are "Did I do okay Vladimir" Let him back into the G7. That way he can have his Trump tower in Moscow.

Автор — Steve Cousins


Trump is a man with gut. Demanding a fair playing field is not bullying.

Автор — Yong Wang


10 out of 10? Does he think he is grading a beauty contest.

Автор — Diane Rolfe


Trump thinks he's on his way to get a Nobel prize, but Kim's gonna take him hostage...then he'll find out how "excellent" Kim is to detainees

Автор — Lava Lover


Next stop Singapore, by way of Amelia Earhart hopefully

Автор — Cosimo Kramarawicz


I know tariffs don't work but why does Canada have these tariffs?
270% dairy
69.9% Sausage
57.8% Barely Seed
49% Durum Wheat
26.5% Bovine/Meat
18% Table Linen
Why did Canada create "ingredient strategy" tariff in 2015?

To protect those important industries and curb US imports.

Автор — mike zzig


Delusional. A 10? More like his IQ. Toss him out of the G7. He and his buddy Vladimir are pariahs.

Автор — ha222ha222