Top 10 Scary Stories Ever Told That Might Be Real - Part 6

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Top 10 Scary Stories Ever Told That Might Be Real - Part 6 5
Top 10 Scary Stories Ever Told That Might Be Real - Part 6

More Scary Lists 😱

So this video are stories chosen from you guys. I’ve chosen all scary stories from my Instagram @LandonProductions. If you want to be apart of the next video make sure to head over to my instagram follow me and look for this image right here, and tell me a scary story.

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Make sure you guys submit your scary stories!! We will feature you guys in the next video. #ScaryStories

Author — MostAmazingTop10


In America, Slenderman kidnap's you.
In Soviet Russia, YOU kidnap Slenderman:

Author — DomaCro VIDEOs


Demon messing with taps
normal person-*runs away
Me-*opens door and screams down hall* unless your planning on paying the water bill you better cut it out boi

Author — Arufa Wolfie


I would defeat Slender Man by telling him “I’m glad you’re here, I have been trying to reach you about your cars extended warranty”

Author — Long Branch Penny Whistle


I just discovered this channel, and now its my most favorite one!

Author — Lacy Clark


Here's how to defeat Slenderman:

Step 1: Lie down.
Step 2: Try not to cry.
Step 3: Cry a lot.

Author — K O


fricken hate you for doing that jumpscare
now that i think about it looks like my ex

Author — Willow Robbins


Here’s my scary story:
When I was 9 I moved house and it seemed pretty normal for the first six months but one night at 3 am I needed to get some water so I went into the kitchen and saw the fridge open. Thought it was my mother or sister since I saw a figure of a woman. I tried to be quiet as to not bother them since I knew we’d both be to tired to talk but when I looked into the reflection of the window over the sink that was on the opposite side of the room to the fridge I saw someone who resembled that of a rotted corps. When I turned around the fridge was still open but the person was gone. I quickly ran back to my room and tried to go back to sleep as I was to terrified to do anything else. Not even five minutes later I heard my older sister scream and the sound of her closet door slamming. The scream woke up the entire house and we saw my sister acting really out of sorts she was speaking weird her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she was bending in unnatural ways. My mother sent me and my brothers off with my father and we all slept in the living room for the night my mother gently took my sister to the bathroom and through her in the shower that seemed to snap her out of it. Later we found out that along time ago a family was murdered in the house and we were fortunate to not have anymore issues while we lived there for the next three years. I am now 19 and live away from that house.

Author — Cay Jay


I defeat slender man everyday by not being anywhere near him and living my life as a hermit.

Author — Admin, A.K.A Dots.


Here's my scary story:
When I was in college, me and my friends thought it'll be funny to try and summon a spirit and we suddenly heard a noise coming from the room next to us so we went to go and check but there was nothing there.. And the next morning I woke up with scratches down my back and found out my friends also woke up with scratches on their arms and back too

Author — Jaydean Gibson


#7: I have the same recurring dream of being unable to call 911...the numbers on the keypad shift around, I dial wrong numbers and have to keep hanging up and dialing again, etc. I thought it was just me. I'm also afraid of wind. Is this real life right now?! #soulsiblings

Author — Jolie Devereux



Author — iiTwilightii


How to defeat Slender Man: turn him into Fat man

Author — scared puppet


I don't think number 3 was real. I couldn't find any information on it. Maybe I just didn't know where to look but I found nothing on the web.

Author — Cel Lyn


I'm 15 now and I still have EXTREMELY vivid memories of this nightmare. When I was three years old I lived in the city of Roanoke in Virginia. One night I was in my bedroom sleeping while my mom was sorting clothes in her room and my dad was up late watching TV in the living room. I woke about 11:00 PM that night feeling an odd presence in my room. I used to feel the presence of something A LOT when I was very young, and I still do sometimes, but that's a story for another time. Anyway, this is where the dream begins. I had woken up in the dream from what I know now as a teenager, like a dream that you wake up in. I remember glancing around the room still on my bed and half "awake". I had a fish tank in my room at the time and that's when I saw it. I saw a strange pure white creature swimming up and down in the fish tank. I brushed it off as just one of the fish and my eyes adjusting poorly as I had just "woken up". Well, I was waken up once again about seven minutes later. The thing that was in my fish tank had come out and violently shook me awake shrieking and it was completely dry like no water had gotten it at all, there weren't even wet footprints, or wet stubprints in this creatures case, coming from the tank. I still remember exactly what this creature, that I called owowow, looked like. He was about 6ft 5in, and he was completely white with skinny arms and skinny legs with stubs for hand and feet. He had black rubber band like bracelets around the base of his wrists and ankles. He wore a black belt that looked like it wrapped around his waist like an X, and from the top of his shoulders down to where his rib cage would be was this odd shadow like marking. His head big and round like a cartoon head. He had a black eye patch on his left eye which his eye was on top off, like the eye patch was his actual eye. Both of his eyes were large and angry and his mouth never closed. I woke up screaming running down the hallway and jumping onto my dad's chair and holding him tightly shivering and fearing for my life. My mom and dad calmed me down, and mom had a febreeze can that she put a sticker on saying "Out you scary thing" which she sprayed every time I had something similar to this nightmare, which I had til I was four years old. I'm 15 now and live in Wytheville in Virginia, and I just recently had a similar owowow dream again. I woke up at 11:00 PM and saw him standing at the foot of my bed, only this time he had red bloodshot eyes with pure white pupils. He then got beside my bed in one swift movement and said in dark whisper "No matter where you are...I am always watching you..." I then woke up in a cold sweat. During this occurrence I couldn't move or talk and I felt a pressure on my chest, which makes me think that what I witnessed was sleep paralysis which I've been suffering from a lot lately, and it was just manifesting in something terrifying from my childhood.

Author — Marbenmin


Creepy very creepy. But you guys are awesome your personalities are the reasons I watch every video 😁Love you guys😁

Author — JD G.


One night my sister hair was pull up and she wake up and she saw clock and it was 3 am

Author — XxJoanalazyxX idk


You guys need to talk about Bucks cemetery in ohio. Or gulls woods

Author — Johanna Ramos


This incident happened to my great grandfather, in Nepal during his mid 30s.
Those days, each and every block in the city had a courtyard, surrounded by four to five houses. One day, when my great grandfather was just chilling his courtyard, he saw a super tall man. It probably was as tall as a skyscraper. He was terrified beyond belief. He just ran away, not locking back until he reached to the safety of his room.
The next day, he went to a local priest, and the priest told my great grandfather that the eldest member of his family was going to pass away soon. Then soon, his grandfather
passed away three days later.

I apologise in advance for my grammar.

Author — PranGonTuber


Love stories from fans. Can't get any more genuine then that! Ty Landon💚💚💚

Author — Bansheebah *