Delta Fox vs Tempo Storm Game 3 Highlights Week 5 NACS Summer 2017

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💬 Comments

Idk why I get my hopes up, int int int it's scarra.

Author — David Duncan


a team of nobodys having to play pro players i feel bad for deltafox

Author — FakkaMe NoFakkaYou


Shiphtur should be mid, scarra support, voy jungle imo. I think they are wasting shiphturs mechanics but he played insane on bard

Author — Nekroz


10 series lost. I don't know why I thought that they were gonna be the top team. haha

Author — Chase


If they get that last baron. They win though: I think

Author — Tyler Brandt


They need to work on their shot calling.

Author — give me oats


8:25 wtf u doing scarra, flash smiting baron at 1.3k hp. shoulda just peeled off baron earlier not get it so low that they could steal it, qt was spit pushing an inhib

Author — Tony Stark


Lord have mercy....It hurts so much to watch this game...and Im silver

Author — J X


Im just sad that shiptur is losing :( He is a mid main and playing support even better than sup mains so sad to watch
And wtf was that baron call :)

Author — Ömer Faruk Çınar


haha this team almost all of them are mid lane haha

Author — John Patrick Gagui


It's like each of them are playing solo queue but on a team LOL

Author — richardsucksx


Nice seeing Quas back. Was always top 2-3 top laners in NA LCS even during boring tank metas.

Author — all bdo


Why didn't Shiptur ult the turret at the end there instead of the 2 minions. Anyway this is a meme team. Fun game to watch tho

Author — JurnellGaming


DF's jungler is getting out jungled by everyone.

Author — KMUnLucky


Why is Grigne not jungling instead of Scarra? Are they waiting for a 15 series loss to let him start playing?

Author — Terahiti Paofai


reven looks like qt if qt only ate McDonalds

Author — kyle crosby


I can't handle lcs casters

Phreak annoys me

Author — Tiny Nuts


im sure DFX is not looking for worlds but to have fun and let their fans enjoy...stay calm ladies

Author — abcdLeeXY


scarra just be a man and leave the team man, you obviously not belong there

Author — Jakel Lyrics


its so weird that most of the people are stupid enough to think, that this team will be able to compete against teams who play together the whole time, but at the same time know exactly what they have to fix, what there problems are, and how they should play. its super easy to just sit in front of a pc, watch the games with full vision and knowledge about every players position and strength. but its completly different from playing the game itself vs a organized team as a group of five friends, who have basically no synergy at all. but thats just my opinion.

just comment more about that siphtur should be mid, and that scarra should not play jungle etc. etc. but maybe consider, that this is not solo q.

Author — Max Mustermann