Global Divas Voices From Women of The World Idja Hadidjah - 'Tonggeret' Indonesia Jaipongan

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  • ℹ️ Published 11 years ago

Track 13 'Tonggeret' by Idja Hadidjah from the fabulous 1995 3CD compilation set Global Divas Voices From Women of The World Disc 3. Tonggeret is from the popular, but rare jaipongan style of music from the Sunda region of Indonesia. Its founder, Gugum Gumbira, only created the elements of jaipongan in the late '70s, borrowing heavily from elements of other regional styles along the way. Tonggeret features the ensemble of Gumbira, himself, master drummer Suwanda for the genre's characteristic drumming, and former wayang kulit singer Idjah Hadidjah for the necessary vocals.