US Marine Breaks Down Military Movies | GQ

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US Marine Breaks Down Military Movies | GQ 5

From U.S. Marine infantryman James Laporta breaks down famous scenes from war movies, including 'Jarhead,' 'Stripes,' 'Hacksaw Ridge,' 'Heartbreak Ridge' and 'Full Metal Jacket.'

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US Marine Breaks Down Military Movies | GQ

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Update: November 14, 2019. I’m a behind the scenes kind of guy so when GQ called me to be in front of the camera, I was incredibly nervous—absolute trepidation. Three weeks later and over 5.5 million views, the messages of encouragement, love and support have been profoundly appreciated. I try to read everyone of them and respond if I can. Sincerely grateful to GQ for the opportunity they gave me. Hope we can do it again in the future. And thank you all for watching.

Original Post—To clear up some misconceptions 1) No, I was not dishonorably discharged. Honorable discharge after eight years as a Marine infantryman 2) yes, after the military I gained weight. War and depression will do that and I’m working on it. 3) I did not serve in Iraq, I served in Afghanistan. 4) a correction is needed, I was incorrect to say the lower receiver of an M-16A1 was made by Mattel, it appears I was taught a myth while in the Marines, which is also not uncommon. 5) I did not know what movies or scenes would be shown to me, so everything was off the top of my head. 6) Thank you to everyone who enjoyed watching the video 7) if you didn’t enjoy it, that’s okay, no hate here. 8) I can’t control the sound of my voice, apologies for that.

Author — James LaPorta


Welcome to another episode of “where quarantine has lead me today”

Author — Shevtsov Originals


Hes like a cute cuddly teddybear, who could kill you in 400 different ways.

Author — Rogier B


Serial killer breaks down slasher films should be next

Author — Seth Robinson


I watched Full Metal Jacket, and went into the Air Force. No one kicked me in the face, and I'm good with that.

Secondly, anyone making fun of this dude needs to realize, most of you couldn't have endured half of what he did.

Author — Silky Johnson


Me: Sees something horrible and inhumane
Marine: That is accurate.

Author — HoneyFire


This guy is Jocko's undermined little brother

Author — Timothy Wenrich


This guy just kept a whole generation of kids on quarantine out of the military
Showing Jarhead “that’s accurate, that’s accurate, that’s accurate”

Author — icykickflip


I went into the Army in 1970 and "Jody" was alive and well back then too ! We even had to sing about him while we were marching ! LOL!

Author — Richard Buse


I remember in bootcamp I smacked a mosquito off my neck. My company commander then made me pick up that mosquito, dig a hole, bury the mosquito, name the mosquito, then say it a prayer in front of all the other companies.... good times

Author — Austin Olson


People are saying that people are making fun of him but i haven't seen one comment bullying the marine.

Author — Sean Hickey


Jarhead: 0:16
0:34 Head shaved, uniform and barracks
1:38 Standing in line
2:20 Drill instructor yelling
2:57 Jodi
3:28 Being a scribe
3:51 Hitting someone's head in the board/wall
4:31 Boot camp
5:43 Branding

Stripes: 6:58
7:02 Marching and guys smiling
7:54 Singing while marching
8:38 Totally fake military base

Hacksaw Ridge: 9:17
9:21 True Story
9:48 Obstacle courses and racing event

Heartbreak Ridge: 10:26
10:27 Emotional moment
10:51 Shooting range
12:14 Firing in the range
13:12 Running around the group while walking

Full Metal Jacket: 13:47
14:25 Unlocked footlocker
15:57 Proper motivation not given to a Private
16:34 Hazing
17:04 Critique review on the movie

Author — Max Raxton


Hey, James...Army dude here. I just wanted to thank you for using the correct terminology. Like remembering to say Drill Sergeants, instead of Drill Instructors, when you were talking about the Army. Most civilians don't know the difference. Take care, and good luck to you.

Author — Graham Nalepa


This guy looks like the buffed militarized version of Michael Cera

Author — ElJuano


Imagine going online and making fun of a Marine who served in Afghanistan because he put on a few pounds later in life or you think his voice sounds weird. How about you all go jump out of a window?

Author — Ashitaka1110


Santa Claus: I'm so fast, I can get around the world in one night!

Jody: I'm about to end this man's whole career

Author — Cookie Man


Can we get this guy on again?
I'd love to see a part two!

Author — Adam Ant


He looks so friendly, i don’t know why y’all are bullying him on the comments

Author — HaZi


Real Marines opinion of R Lee Earmy's character: Before reporting for training: "Wow! That's one mean Drill Instructor!" After graduating Basic Training: "Wow! He was an awfully nice Drill Instructor!"

Author — Scout Dynamics


guy who was actually in the marines: yep this is accurate

some neck beard on the internet: NUH HUH

Author — RadCat Fever