Sushil Kumar v Akzhurek Tanatarov | Men's Wrestling 66kg Semi-Final | London 2012 Olympics

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Full replay from the Men's Wrestling 66kg Semi-Final as India's Sushil Kumar beats Kazakhstan's Akzhurek Tanatarov to book a place in the Gold Medal Match from London's ExCeL Centre on 12 August 2012.

The 1900 Games were the only ones where wrestling was not present in any shape or form. As from the 1908 Olympic Games in London, Greco-Roman wrestling has always been included on the programme. Since the 1920 Antwerp Games, there have been both freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling competitions.

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Sushil fault : eye poke 5:38
Akzhurek Fault: back bite 8:20
Akzhurek Fault: eye poke 8:44
Final Sushil fault : ear bite 11:23
Hope this clear everyone doubt

Author — Varun


Haryana proud us all the way whether it is sports and from the army

Author — Anand kumar Avinash


12:58 Sushil lifting him up, is one of the most memorable moments for me.
जड़ै सै दूध दही का खाणा
देशां मैं देश हरियाणा
जय हिंद जय भारत🇮🇳

Author — Deepak Raj


Who's watching just to see some techniques

Author — Honda Xrm


Kaz athlete poked sushil's eye twice. If Kaz athlete wants to play dirty, then Sushil did the right thing. He showed the taste of his own dirty game.

Author — Pk Chaithanya


5:40 eyes hit refree warning, , , then 8:44 eyes attacked of sushil, , then sushil bit his ear🤗🤗 that's called "karma" jaise ko taisa, , , , means "as u sow so shall you reap"😘🤗

Author — Zehrilla Shishu


The kaz athlete also attacked sushil eye's at

Author — kapil vaid


Those who say about sushil's bite, watch this at

Author — mr vain


Казахским тренерам надо было останавливать встречу после укуса. И смотреть видео. Очки бы сняли у Кумара. Да и сам Акжурек должен был просить остановки встречи у тренеров. Похитрей надо быть на Олимпиаде.

Author — RTTabyn


why kumar bit his ear.. coz he poked in his both eyes.. watch it just after 8:43

Author — ceasefire066


Eye poker Kazakh wrestler made Sushil unleash his offensive moves

Author — Dark Horse


I think he's Suarez's long lost brother.

Author — anmolgangster4life


За хулиганство индуса должны дисквалифицировать пожизнено, а медаль отдать казаху, он заслужил это.

Author — Нурали Алиев. Приемы вольной борьбы


It was a revenge against what the kazak did to snatch the eye at 8:45

Author — It's always sunny in Goa


Sushil is a beast man... Just imagine him with some punch combination and will be ready for ufc

Author — santosh Gowda


Nice revenge for damaging Sushil’s eyes..

Author — DB LP


где справедливость .. Акжурек в любом случай Герой .. а индус еще и радуется .. такую победу в пусть засунет ...  Акжурек ЛУчший ..

Author — Chelovek Prostoy


When sushil's coach says harna nhi hai❤

Author — Red Devil


Бля тренер эмнени карап турат казак баурдын кулагын жеп таштаганго

Author — Абдылда Сатеков


हरियाणा की मिट्टी मे पैदा हुआ महारा देशी शेर
जय हिंद जय भारत जय श्रीराम जय हिंद