[PS4 5.01] How To Use Save Wizard! Easy Beginner Tutorial [Part 1]

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Although it is incredibly unlikely, please bear in mind that you could receive a ban from PSN, SaveWizard and/or any game that you cheat on! I am not responsible for you, your account, or your equipment should something happen while you are cheating on any game!

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Save Wizard! -

Choose HxD based on your language and not always your country!
HxD - Freeware Hex Editor and Disk Editor-

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Thanks, ps is broken
You gonna refund me?
1TB version



Just gave this a go. Works great for the max money and stuff...but stuff like resources aren’t working (despite having at least one resource, as the cheat requests.)

Other than that I’m buying a lot of stuff in the game that would take me hours to get.

Author — A V


I legit have no idea what you're doing or how to do it but you know what you're doing.

Author — Floyd Frampton


I'm trying to make my level attack speed damage etc on vikings wolves of midgard 999, anyone know how I can do that successfully?

Author — Greg Hughes


how do you get in advanced mode if you want to mod your own save? To be clear I only have one profile active Otherwise good video! Very instructive :D

Author — Sander van den Noort


I wonder if this works for Doom 2016 for Max health and max ammo where you never run out of either.

Author — Jessica Johnson


What if the only saves are profile and autosave? How would I get a manual

Author — Hush 14


Do you know why my saves aren't loading? I'm taking the out of my ps4 and they don't just load to advanced mode. Same thing happens in every game, but when I use my friends' save it works.

Author — Julius Rämö


I'm having trouble using the save wizard for Kingdom Hearts Final Mix on my PS4 Pro. I was able to do it with KH3, but not with either of the collections. Can you make a complete video walkthrough on how you used save wizard for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix?

Author — Anthony DeNofa


Thanks for this. So what’s with the 3 profiles limit? What if I wanna add a new profile and delete my old one?

Author — JUJU


Will it only work for campaign? I don’t want my multiplayer or zombies to change my ranks/gobblegums/camos/etc. I just need the last trophy
“personal decorator”

Author — Jessie Alvarez


Curious about this, will using Save Wizard void trophies?

Author — XypherVG


Hi, i’ve got a question, in monster hunter world.., is it possible to edit the numbers like damage numbers you deal on monsters or your own healthbar with advanced mode?

Author — Vii Sovari


I have save wizard...does this work on health/energy for other games through hex editor??

Author — Games & Graphics


Would you be willing to mod my ac origins save for me? If so I'll upload it to mega or whatever your preference is. Thanks in advance.

Author — Lord Drakhoul


I just want to mod my RDR2 save, my Arthur is struggling like a mother fudga, I need money. So is this actually worth the amount I am seeing? That's alot of money. If it's worth it then I see why it's that amount

Author — TRu3NZ


never mind. figured it out. thank you so much for the guide by the way! best 60 bucks i ever spent, regardless of what the haters say

Author — Raven Rants


Hey man is it cool if I pay you a 50 dollar psn code in exchange for modding my storm save data?

Author — Maikeru Woo


My first game save was successful but everyone after that makes me do the prologue, any insight?

Author — Stay Stizzy


Hope they add divinity original sin 2 cheats soon, anyone know when/if?

Author — AyZeD