Beyond the Summit (2022) - Trailer

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 months ago

Original title: La Cima
Directed by: Ibon Cormenzana
Year: 2022
Countries: Spain, France
Genre(s): Drama, Adventure, Romance

Mateo faces for the first time the most dangerous mountain on the planet, Annapurna, with the challenge of reaching the summit and thus fulfil an old promise. On his ascent he suffers an accident that leaves him unconscious and seriously injured.
Hours later he is rescued by Ione, an experienced mountaineer who is spending the winter in a refuge, alone and far from the world. Although she does not understand the reasons that have brought Mateo there, Ione will try to help him reach his goal.

Beyond the Summit narrates the emotional journey of Ione and Mateo, an adventure that will help them reconnect with life and nature to face their path.