Aung San Suu Kyi urges court to dismiss Rohingya genocide case against Myanmar

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Aung San Suu Kyi urges court to dismiss Rohingya genocide case against Myanmar 4.5
Myanmar State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi has urged judges at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to throw out a genocide case against the country. In her closing arguments at the end of a three-day hearing, Ms Suu Kyi said Myanmar’s inter-communal trust and unity rebuilt in Rakhine will risk being undermined if the ICJ rules in favour of ordering provisional measures in the country. More than 120,000 Rohingya remain in Internally Displaced Persons Camps in Rakhine, where they are not allowed to leave without permission and have limited access to education and healthcare.

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i guess all other genocide cases will be brought to attention. ALL.

Author — Swee Yong


Mayanmar budak not a hewman laik dog.nbr1 terorist

Author — Jashim Uddin


Genocide​ -​ pure​ and​ simple.​ The​ systematic​ and​ horrific​ deprecations​ of​ the​ Myammar​ military​ can't​ be​ described​ otherwise.​ Aung yang​ Suu​ Kyi, search your​ conscience.​ Restore​ my​ respect​ for​ you.

Author — Bengguan Sim


When happens to you then you can feel the pain

Author — Simul Islam


The Arakan Mountains separated Rakhine State from central Myanmar. This led to influx of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. Islamic terrorist militants & separatist group infiltrated Rakhine, committed murder, violent attacks & arson. They did the same thing in Thailand, Philippines, Xinjiang, India, Middle east & Africa countries to seize territories & oil fields !

India was forcefully divided in 1947. Pakistan, Bangladesh & dispute over Kasmir NEVER existed before separation ! Endless conflicts in this region caused illegal immigrants to seek refuge in Myanmar, Rakhine State due to close proximity to Bangladesh & isolated location !

CNA reported mass graves of ethnic minority Hindu group being uncovered in Rakhine. Solution is to conduct detailed DNA, Language, Diet, Cultural tests on Myanmar population, that of illegal immigrants & surrounding countries, test results will show the WORLD where these illegal squatters came from. They must return to where they came from. The rule of law must prevail ! Myanmar is falsely accused of genocide. The Buddhist country has been too kind to tolerate illegal squatters for past decades. These illegal squatters therefore have zero legal claims on Myanmar & the government ! Their entry into Myanmar was ILLEGAL in the first place ! If these illegal immigrants & islamic militant group NEVER enter Myanmar illegally, there would NOT BE any violent clashes ! This is why international border control is so vital to National Security !

Author — Zandra Koon


Gambia area is around four thousand square feet and population around two million, and they themselves have most corruption issues in Africa. Away from Myanmar more than seven thousand miles and no connection in the past until they accused in ICJ.
LOL Gambia.

Author — Nang Voe Phong


Kill reap demolition home and pushback in bangladesh it was 100% genocide under by myanmer military . we want justice peaceful under human right .

Author — Sumon Sk


So historically, who are these rohingyas, anyway. And how did they come to settle in Myanmar ?
Bite the Hand That Feeds You ?


Author — jc kalden


aung san suky no goods woman bat i want him to be punished by any worthy leader of the big bargin so i have to come to hague "s coat for his punishment thanks to gambia and advocate and the international court justice

Author — harz মুজাহিদ


The real power is still with the military. Not fair to accuse her. International should help her in controlling the Myanmar military.

Author — Dominic Lee


Rohingya are bingaladish citizens. Root cause is bingaladish population growing. They have no stay to land in bingaladish.

Author — Thura Aung


Myanmar citizens get their info from facebook, enough said

Author — hoda ahmad


A sad day for modern world when noble prize winner supports genocide

Author — ZUL SAAD


A Nobel Peace Prize laureate....defending a genocide reported by all the media outlets and witnesses who she is calling liar.the whole world..

Author — Aisha


The whole world knows Myanmar commited genocide shameless woman syu kyi. Supposed to b a noble peace prize winner. Disgusting woman.

Author — Shark Fyn


Do you know? This is not war Muslim vs Buddhism. Everybody can believe your religious in MYANMAR. This is very dangerous for MYANMAR 🇲🇲. Plz save MYANMAR 😭

Author — yadanar yadanar


She is the main culprit .but this time Myanmar can't avoid the punishment. Real murderer of Myanmar army.

Author — Sazzad Hossain


We, all of Myanmar people (different kind of race and relagion) are advocac to Aung San Su Kyi.
She always told verity and impartial. She is saintly precious woman.
We always stand with beloved Mom Su.

Author — Radiant Flowers


This is an absolute disgrace. Why should this be swept under the carpet🤦‍♂️

Author — Raymond Lee


Where world please actions suu kyi and min aung hlaing

Author — Justin hazard