Karma is a wonderful thing, especially on Gran Turismo Sport!!

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Karma is a wonderful thing, especially on Gran Turismo Sport!! 5
Back on Gran Turismo Sport at Suzuka in the dailies... Karma is a wonderful thing!

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And that ladies and gentlemen is why I slightly over fill at the pit stops!! What is your strategy when it come to refuelling? Do you over fill like me to be safe, or do you under fill to try and save a second or two and then manage it? Interested to know in the comments what you all do...

Author — Rory Alexander


Not trying to defend qbazzoff there, but just thought I'd let you know that many Russians (myself included) would interpret flashing lights from behind after a tap like that as blaming him for braking too early instead of apologizing, which could anger some people.
That's why I personally use my hazard lights if I make a mistake like that to make sure there is no misinterpretation of my actions :)

Author — Ilya


my 2c:
It seemed like you out braked yourself going into the triangle, he probably got on it a bit early, but the contact pushed him wide and compromised his exit. I would have backed off going into 1 and 2 for that reason.

Author — 6321timmy


...Did anyone else see a child dab at 4:35...

Author — Thunderstorm Racing


12:10 we all know what Fernando Alonso would say about this situation

Author — Mr. Hepo


just got my new wheel, loving it so far

Author — Archie Mayor


Hi I just discovered your channel, you have a good vibe and I like your driving style. Keep it up!

Author — Zincsteve


Your replay at the beginning, looked as it was running at 60fps. Mine run at 30fps and don't look as smooth/good !? I'm on PS4 pro x

Author — Jason Merchant


TIL english people can't pronounce "sixth."

Author — Latnoziroh


AWESOME! I love when they get their comeuppance.

Author — Otis Turner


Love your videos and I always like learning some new things on your videos!

Author — Carking 65


Haha, what a finish! Some great overtakes you made there, nice video.

Author — Freddie Barry


I love it when a dirty driver tastes karma.

Author — Prone One aka the shaker of cans


A filthy, dirty and ramming russian, huh? Who would have thought! :D

I felt so much satisfaction at the end when you passed him!

Author — Zamppa86


I thought I was watching super gt... are you the secondary channel where you dont speak as quickly?

Author — Harles Bently


I have had a couple of great results in the Aston using this tactic, and being better on the tyres, the 911s eat their tyres after 3 laps so you can push and get by easily

Author — quo guitars


Speaking of fuel, one time in one of my weekly races, around half of all drivers in the race ran out of fuel including myself at the end and ended up with 20 sec penalties. I managed to clutch the win though after the guy in first ran out way before the finish

Author — Thermic


Love your Videos m8. Enjoying the Streams. but love the Videos. keep on the great work!

Author — FynnFTW


Too much fuel. Don't be so safe about it, makes you heavier so slower on track and pit, increase tire wear. That's 3 good vs 1 bad (running out of it)

Author — Jeremy Lopes


4:03 I think that you could've keep it around the outside. Clean race though