Passenger's bag may have caused fatal NYC helicopter crash

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Passenger's bag may have caused fatal NYC helicopter crash 4.5

The sole survivor, the pilot, reportedly told authorities that one of the five passengers' bags snagged a fuel lever, bleeding the engine of fuel.

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...she just had to take her Gucci bag....

Author — Christopher


So sad. Small mistake caused 5 lives. I m glad the pilot was survive.

Author — Van Le


Of course the passenger harnesses are to blame all of them died because of it

Author — Eric Don


murdering pilot! he left them to die after crashing thru ineptitude!!!

Author — connie rahim


....but, but, but thier IQ was so high, 😊 😎

Author — Seveux


im trying to figure out how the pilot survived but didnt try to save not one of them

Author — Shundra Watson


If the flaots had worked, the outcome would have been different

Author — Shawn Futch


That’s the first thing I thought that they probably were stuck and couldn’t get out of the harness ...they might not of been shown how to get out either so they drowned....prayers for the families

Author — JKeller


was there any inspection rules bags on trip

Author — Louie


Man 2018 has been such a bad year for aviation industry
3 crashes in 1 day in 2018

Author — Joe Hangsing


Its looks so bad when only the pilot or captain of a vessel survives. Its also messed up wirh them bot mentioning these people drowned to death.

Author — Waste Ninja


and they say drones are dangerous.... nobody would have died if the photo shoot was done with robotic platform.
Sad.. condolences to the families.



I'm sorry, but we have to find a way to leave this lone surviving pilot responsible! He's not a hero, he knew there was a strap that pulled a lever? That's strange!! He knew he was running out of gas? Blaming a passengers bag after the fact? And then kill them all? This is murder!

Author — Hi_Nicole 1973


Notice the victims were all WHITE.
There must be "something" that the power who created this whole world is "indicating".

Author — zigyzigy13