QUICK & EASY Crochet Stitch For Blankets And Scarfs / ONE ROW Repeat - Drop Sedge Stitch

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  • ℹ️ Published 10 months ago

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How to crochet Easy stitches for beginners to make beautiful crochet baby blankets or crochet scarfs. Crochet Flag Stitch a Bag O Day Crochet Tutorial

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💬 Comments

Crystal, once again, you've given all of us on here a wonderful stitch to add to our list of learned stitches. It's so versatile and can be used for so many types of projects and is usable for all weights of yarn.
I find it difficult deciding which I like the most - your stitch tutorials or your project tutorials. I love learning new stitches that I can incorporate into my own projects but it also thrills me to learn how to make projects that I never knew I could make, like the man's cabled vest, various shawls, baby dresses, etc. Thank you so much for expanding my crocheting world beyond blankets.

Author — @memmie1104


WOW! This is such a nice stitch and unbelievably easy!!! Thank you Crystal so very much for all you do for us ! 💕🤗

Author — @angiecarter7628


Thanks Crystal, I love how you empower us to make such beautiful things with the knowledge you teach us. You're also a great cheerleader for us by telling us we can do it & a wonderful friend to us all. 💜

Author — @LauraE.9897


Thank you. This is the first pattern I’ve ever learned, and I’m using it to make a scarf for someone. Thank you for making this so so so easy to follow. It took me 3 tries and (even though I messed up on one stitch) when I got it I was so excited that I threw it. 😂

Author — @qtpi9228


I just love your patterns! I began stopping and starting your videos so I could write down what you were doing, and so now I have the ones I really like written down and saved to my "Bag-O-Day Folder" in my documents! I then printed them, put them in a sheet protector and placed them in a 3-ring binder to have at hand when I'm crocheting. Thanks so much for making your patterns easy to follow! This pattern will eventually go into my binder as well.

Author — @carolhayes7750


You are absolutely amazing!!! I can’t keep up with all of your amazing projects. I truly appreciate how thorough and simple you make your patterns to follow and understand!!! Thank you so much!!! You are giving me enough projects to keep me busy for quite a while. This pattern is absolutely gorgeous. Need to make a baby blanket and this is perfect!! Please keep them coming.

Author — @rebeccahutzler6655


Lovely simple stitch yet so pretty and warm. Thank you Crystal for another great stitch tutorial. 💙

Author — @missapippin9020


I don't know how I missed this when it first came out, but this is absolutely gorgeous! I love when the stitches work up the same on both sides! 💖 I have a LONG list of your tutorials that I need to make 🤣 This has been added as well. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher and sharing your talents with us Crystal! 💖

Author — @MamaTata86


I really like this one. This would be easy to make in wide stripes, too. I'm going to make one of my grown sons a blanket and I'm debating using the Circuit Stitch and maybe this one. Ack, decisions, decisions! I have a lot of yarn so whether it's a yarn eater or not doesn't much matter, both make lovely textures. Love it, thank you again, Crystal! ~Cynthia

Author — @rootsrocksfeathers1975


This is beautiful! Thank you for leading me to my next project once again❣️

Author — @mlabuda61


Love this stitch!!! Works up up nicely.
I am including it in a sampler afghan, but will use it for other things too. I like that idea of place mats.
Thank you so much for sharing this.😊

Author — @juanitagraham9779


Another stitch pattern for me that takes me out of my little box…you made it easy as well!! Thanks, Crystal, for sharing your considerable crochet talent with is! Stay safe and love to you and the BOD fam!! 💕🤗💕

Author — @Needlewich


You are truly a "Gem"! I've been inspired, have spent $$ for yarn, gonna watch some tutorials, make some afghans! Thank you! Got my mojo werking! Love, Light, and Blessings ❤🙏🙌✨🤗🕶

Author — @windonthevalley


I love the pattern it's beautiful very nice 👌 😊 ❤

Author — @raziavalera2606


👏 awesome! Thanks for this, my grandma and I are both super big fans and these make our convos so much more interesting!

Author — @amandadanze8913


I really love this stitch! I was just looking for something textured and pretty for a new project and this fits the bill. Thank you for the tutorial. I'm already started on a headwrap using it.

Author — @WinkTartanBelle


Chrystal your a crochet genius I love what you do always great tutorials.this is a super stitch thanks so much for all the hard work you do for us.💙💙💙

Author — @deborahm4484


I just finished making a cotton dishcloth with this stitch. Love it! Thank you Crystal💜

Author — @purpdlerose


I love the sedge stitch, and this tweak makes it even better!

Author — @cynthiacornell1718


So simple but it looks beautiful! Who knew this is how this combo would turn out lol ❤ I already have the yarn in a mauve!!!❤

Author — @deborahandrews2826