Lingmo Lorelei & Jinhao 992: Two Sailor Procolor 500 Homages

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

The Lorelei and the 992 are two Sailor Procolor 500 homages, each took a different path towards the common goal of achieving a certain appearance.

992 barrel cracking issue fix:

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I came to similar conclusions, having purchased a 992 with a fantastic nib and cracking barrel, I decided to get the Lorelei. Not happy with the stock nib, I purchased a Pilot Plumix with a medium italic nib and it fit perfectly in the Lorelei and has become one of my favorite knock-around pens. The Jinhao nibs are really amazing for the price, however, and the cracking doesn't really affect either the performance or aesthetics. Thanks for making this video.

Author — pete2 bec2


Oh my, I didn't realize the feed and section are threaded lol. Imagine if the 992 had no cracking issues, Jinhao would have sold millions. Thank you so much for sharing!

Author — gpa manuel


Thanks for your this and your other considered reviews Seele2015au. I've watched all of them with interest and learned much in the process. I look forward to more of your engineering and materials-based video essays of writing instruments, both contemporary and older. Btw, you state the Lorelie is made of poly-bicarbonate. Is the 992 made of polystyrene?

Author — Andrew and Dewi


Great review and interesting - thanks. You raised a number of points I hadn’t picked up on from other reviews. I’ve just discovered your channel and have subbed.

Author — Vicki Wood


How did you know my Jinhao 992 had a crack? I tried changing the nib for a stub 1.1 mm and the nib is skipping and gushing in equal parts. XS very annoying, since I love my stubs and this pen looked so good and affordable. I will check your other video, thank you so much!

Author — Valentina García


I had a 992 and it's okay for the price, but I really should stop wasting money buying these cheap pens and buy a single high quality pen that will last me a long time.

Author — The Music Scout


Lorelei is now available in black and white brushed aluminum, weighing 27g

Author — qwe1231


Great review. I included a Sailor Procolor in my Youtube review of Blue Demo Lingmo, another homage pen.

Author — chrisrap52


I thought they're more of a Monteverde Monza homages. Including the bimple at the end of the barell.

Author — Hrnek Bezucha


Does the Lingmo take standard international cartridges

Author — neil piper


The most important part is missing, the WRITING.

Author — B BG


I guess "homage" pen is your nice way of saying "blatant rip-off" ;b

Author — Jesse Davis