Senpai Notice Me: A Yandere Simulator Musical [by Random Encounters]

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

An original song by Random Encounters



Taro Yamada/Senpai ► Nathan Sharp aka NateWantsToBattle
Osana Najimi/Mei Mio ► Morgan Want
Info-chan ► Gwendolyn Pinkerton
Kuu Dere ► Aleu Moana
Kokona Haruka ► Emma Goddard
Oka Ruto ► Kaela Berry
Midori Gurin ► Jen Zhang
Daku Atsu► John Moralis
Pompador Hair ► AJ Pinkerton
Haruto Yuto ► Jonathan Fung
Teacher ► Rob Nelson
Sweeping Man ► Scott Leverett
Support from UniG33k ► Katasku & AniYoshi

There he is, my one and only Senpai! (Say hi to Senpai!)
He's my future boyfriend. He just doesn't know it yet... (Spring it on Senpai!)
I'd tell him all my feelings,
all the thoughts I've been concealing,
but it sounds so unappealing that I sweat... a lot...

Every day, my favorite subject's Senpai! (A+ at Senpai!)
I could sit and study him for hours at a time! (Sounds kind of boring!)
His eyes! His hair! His derrier!
It's crazy and yet I don't care!
And I swear one day I'll finally make him mine!

Who is that cute little student there and
why is she touching his arm?
If she puts moves on my Senpai, then I'll
have to cause her harm!

Maybe I should clean up this body,
or just dump it into the trash!
Senpai could never love her
cause we're such a perfect match!

Everywhere that he goes,
I'll be there and he won't know!
Am I mad? Maybe so,
but I love to sniff his clothes...

Then I'll make him agree
he's my blushing boy-to-be!
In the end, all my friends
will then see.... Senpai notice me!

Kokona keeps gazing at my Senpai... (Don't look at Senpai!)
Maybe I should follow her and have a friendly chat. (Doesn't sound friendly...)
I promise not to hurt her,
just to frame her for a murder.
She's a Senpai-stealing, sultry little brat... I think...

Almost noon and no sign of my Senpai... (Hurry up, Senpai!)
Could it be he's making out with her behind my back?! (This could get ugly!)
Let's offer her a shower,
then we'll turn off all the power,
That should sour things and get us back on track!

Anyone who flirts with my Senpai
gets my cell phone shoved up their skirt!
Talking to my Senpai is not an option,
unless you want to be hurt.

Why is everybody a bit uneasy
when I pull out this sharp knife?
I am not a killer or psycho;
I am Senpai's future wife!

Is this fate? Is this stress?
Is this Yandere duress?
Or obsession? Possession?
It's anybody's guess.

All I know is this school's
full of murder-making tools.
It's uncanny, but dandy
for me! Senpai-

drank this drink! (Lemonade, I think!)
Senpai ate this fruit! (Just a bite or two...)
Senpai blew his nose! (That's a little gross...)
Senpai wore this bathing suit!

Senpai called this phone! (You just took her phone...)
Senpai shaved this hair! (But it's not from there...)
Senpai left this note! (What was that he wrote?)
Senpai wore this underwear!

Don't you wave! Don't you stare!
Don't you act like you don't care!
Touch my Senpai; I swear I will
maul you like a bear!

I'm not weird, or a creep-
Though I watch my Senpai sleep...
I'm not lovesick; I just
want to see... Senpai notice me!

💬 Comments

pov: you got nostalgia and came back to this vid

Author — Carley Lewandowski


listening to this now hits different when the game still isn't done yet

Author — heavy g


I love how random encounters can make every game a catchy song

Author — SwassyAn1mations


After 5 years, it’s still so damn catchy.

Author — UhM- Productions.


we can agree on ONE thing:
yandere simulator will never be finished

Author — MrNonHead


been years and still an amazing song! and i cant believe how much the voices match! amazing

Author — Isla Mitchell


I haven’t listened to this in a long time but I still remember how to sing it and all the lyrics. Woah.

Author — traumatizedbysmile


I came back to this since I havnt watched this in years, but the person who’s acting as Ayano actually has an amazing singing voice

Author — Broook


que nostalgia socorroooo!!!
era 2016 e eu estava escutando essa master piece!!!

Author — yo :]


I like how her friends are like
"Should we stop her?"

Author — AbnormalAsian


If I'm being honest i listened to this song 5 years ago and still remember all the lyrics and everything love it

Author — sad vibes


this just popped up in my playlist today and i remember how i used to not even understand the song
now i love yandere simulator and i know exactly what its on about

Author — EmzIsOnDaGame


its been 4 years and im still listening to this

Author — Wafflesyum


Sigo el desarrollo de Yandere Simulator desde los 7 años y ahora tengo 13 como pasa el tiempo <'3

Se supone que el juego es para mayores de 18 años pero igual lo sigo mirando 💙💐

Author — Andresito uwu


“I am not a killer or psycho”
*literally kills everybody who talks to senpai*

Author — b u n n y


It’s been 5 years (almost 6 years) And this song is still fire.

Author — OasisGacha


I love listening to this after years 🤧 i still memorize and love every part of the vid



What nostalgia, I don't open English but I really liked this song a lot!

Author — ᴋᴀɴᴀᴏ_Tsᴜʏᴜʀɪ_


its been 5 years and i still memorize the whole lyrics

Author — jaypro_ 0


Senpai shaved his hair!

“But it’s not from there.”

It took me too long to understand that joke.

Author — TitanicTNT