Pakistan: The Road To Shangri-La with David Adams (Utopian Mystery Documentary) | Timeline

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Pakistan: The Road To Shangri-La with David Adams (Utopian Mystery Documentary) | Timeline 4.5
Legend tells of a utopian kingdom hidden among the towering mountains of inner Asia. A paradise on Earth, yet a place apart. A place of spiritual contentment and eternal life. A place that’s become known to the West as Shangri-La. For century’s romantics, adventurers and the devout risked their lives searching for this heaven on Earth. Many perished in the quest. Those who returned told of a journey through hostile lands, of crossing treacherous mountain passes & desert gorges in their search for a valley where people live for hundreds of years. To this day its whereabouts remains a mystery...

David Adams goes in search of Shangri-La in the icy valleys of the Himalaya and Karakoram Mountains in Far North Pakistan.

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20:35 just a normal day in the marketplace i guess

Author — Raymond


the polite version of gordon ramsay. i really like this guy's work

Author — randy rysdale


States that Shangri-La is a fictional place. Then proceeds to locate it. Okay.

Author — QualityClips


That was as nice a fairytale as any! I really enjoyed getting lost in this story. Great stress reliever ;) Loved it!

Author — Michelle C


Can we all appreciate that guy falling off the truck at 20:38? I don’t care what culture you’re from, everyone should be laughing

Author — Dave Koffee


46:42 ". . . this strange, deserted building . . ." So dramatic. So intriguing. So fake. It's not deserted. It's called Baltit Fort and it's now a museum - open for visitors.

Author — Bernie Ate My Donuts


On the next episode we will be searching for Narnia and the middle earth...

Author — Gus Klimt


It was originally published in 2001... the year i was born. S02 E03 of Journeys to End of The World.

Author — Dark Legend


27:25 Shamanism?薩滿教?蒙古人信奉薩滿教
(Mongolians believe in shamanism)
How Kalash and Mongolians are related

Author — Jennifer Chiou


So Beautiful and BREATHAKING VIEW of the SHANRI-LA!!!! Love it!!!

Author — RUDY Manansala


"they set out a very chilling tale... winter...

Author — Anne Isopod


old Video even though many things changes,
Lowari Pass now has Lowari Tunnel 8 km long makes whole year the pass access for people's

Author — Nature Lover


A wonderful narrated documentary and his magical experience can be felt.

Author — U A


0:36 is demonic possession.
edit - 28:00 confirmed.

Author — Sneaky Pete


I enjoyed that, thank you! Learning about other cultures is so interesting.

Author — Nyctophora


David Adams looks a bit like Gordon Ramsay.

Author — David Shannon


What a beautiful programme about a beautiful place and it is like a heaven on earth. Thank you for sharing.

Author — Kosolokamamaro


I be honest with you there not good muslims
Our religion says to respect everyones religion and there graves
These people have no faith those who did this shame on them

Author — NAZ UDDIN


Oh my, seen this one a long long time ago, Journeys to the ends of the world series, very very interesting, one of the best.

Author — Dave Nix


Beautiful video, and a nice look at Pakistan. I have one question though. Does anyone else think he was served coffee at Shangri-la by Cheech Marin?? Lol

Author — Fishing Fun