A Day with Florida’s Only Football Hooligan

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A Day with Florida’s Only Football Hooligan 3.5
Derek 'Diablo' Alvarez wants to transplant British hooligan football violence into America. After being enraptured by grainy 80s videos of football gangs beating the shit out of each other in pubs and movies like Green Street and The Football Factory, Diablo has launched his own squad "The Miami Casuals," defending a soccer team, Inter Miami CF, that doesn't exist yet.

VICE's Joel Golby flies out to sunny Miami to meet this icon of neo-hooliganism and his "casuals" in a bid to discover whether the US is the new site of football hooliganism.

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As a white british man I finally understand what cultural appropriation is.

Author — George Guthrie


Everyone calling him mental don’t realise he’s actually considered normal in Florida...

Author — Millwall Joey


In Scotland this is a classic case of “Wee man syndrome”

Author — Major Hardon


He sounds Irish, American and Latino all at once.

Author — YNWA LFC


He seems like a mentally unstable guy trying to be British

Author — Billy Golding


Ah, America’s greatest past time: Mental illness

Author — Canna Myth


I think he had a stroke while watching Football Factory and never recovered

Author — Frenk C. Natra


This is blatantly a spoof . The Americans have finally got us back for borat and Ali g . And we fell for it 😂

Author — Steve G


I'm not sure if he's mentally ill, or just from florida

Author — AhsanDeGreat


This can't be real. This has to be high-level satire.

Author — H Ansell


lets start a go fund me to get this guy to england so we can all kick his head in

Author — emilyfrombulwell


He would get absolutely battered if he acted like this in England

Cheers for 100 likes

Author — mr teacup


This guy is either a comedic genius or has a mental illness.

Author — Med z


He's clearly insane and Vice should be embarrassed they interviewed him

Author — Patrick Talbot


Its like if the WWE had a shit Football Hooligan character

Author — Adam Whittaker


Vice has really lost it's edge, their reporters seem posh, smug and patronising.

Author — The_red_ barron


This is like an American version of a British comedy show

Author — dazzaburger


this is not a houligan hes just a man making himself look like a mug

Author — AndyCarroll8 on TikTok


This is a modern day Grand Theft Auto character.

Author — Fried Guy's


This dude is nuts, true, but he seems like a good guy and he's hilarious! He's Cuban af and Cubans don't even like football rofl

Author — Reed A.