A Day with Florida’s Only Football Hooligan

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Derek 'Diablo' Alvarez wants to transplant British hooligan football violence into America. After being enraptured by grainy 80s videos of football gangs beating the shit out of each other in pubs and movies like Green Street and The Football Factory, Diablo has launched his own squad "The Miami Casuals," defending a soccer team, Inter Miami CF, that doesn't exist yet.

VICE's Joel Golby flies out to sunny Miami to meet this icon of neo-hooliganism and his "casuals" in a bid to discover whether the US is the new site of football hooliganism.

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As a white british man I finally understand what cultural appropriation is.

Author — George Guthrie


hes like a 13 year old who watched green street once

Author — Joseph McColl


Bring him to Europe, Eastern Europe to be exact. He will realize very quick what real hooligans are, and he will come down to earth.

Author — Mr. T t


If this guy wasn't 5'2" he'd be a problem

Author — P. Kaye


*When **Ancestry.com** tells u have 1% DNA from UK*

Author — Lou Elsber


I love how he is drinking Stella, he is clearly paying attention to the small details. 😂🤣

Author — Jimmy Williams


This guy is living in a daily conflict that doesn't exist!?
Is this where Autism meets Alcholism, meets meth head?? LOL!!!

Author — Nathaniel Ball


If There’s football hooliganism in America, watch them bring guns to it

Author — Sum Hekktik Itshays Ya Dawgg


Imagine this mong acting like this at an away game in England 😂

Author — L D


Everyone calling him mental don’t realise he’s actually considered normal in Florida...

Author — Millwall Joey


This dude reminds me of the character Brucie in GTA IV.

Author — Max R.


He's like a teenager who's just got their first fake stone Island jumper

Author — Andy M


He looks like the kid from that game “Bully”

Author — paradoxed


*This guys intensity is draining for me. How is he not having a stroke*

Author — 0poIE


This guy needs some help 😂 he’d get absolutely steamrolled in the UK ... militant little hobbit 😂

Author — Alastair Whigham


Vice get this man to the UK in the follow up doc YouTube is waiting

Author — Youssef Assem


at first i was like "wow, that guy seems huge" then he stood up next to that reporter. guys a midget

Author — donald darko


He's literally the definition of "Little man syndrome" 😂... Don't headbutt my shins, please 👐

Author — whytetrashhh -


Can of Stella on his bedside table lol, the man has done his research

Author — STlTCHlZ


When he said ‘no, I’ve gotta go to England and fight’, I’m not gonna lie. I felt a spark of respect for him.

Author — lostdotJOON