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New Caledonia: The Coral Garden | National Geographic 5

In the summer of 2013, National Geographic's Pristine Seas team embarked on an expedition to New Caledonia. Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala led a team of scientists and filmmakers to explore the remote reefs and marine ecosystems. They discovered an abundance of underwater life. The team's expedition and resulting scientific publications contributed to New Caledonia's 2018 decision to protect 28,000 km of pristine reefs.

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New Caledonia's remote reefs have the potential to be among the wildest on Earth. What are your thoughts on "The Coral Garden?"

Author — National Geographic


Truly a worthwhile journey! The whole ecosystem is just beautiful with little to no human interference. I think the inhabitants should maintain the traditional methods of catching fishes so that the reefs and fishes can be maintained. Just worried that someone might decide to make this into 'modern' tourist destination that may cause disturbance in the balance. It needs to be left alone. Good thing it's also nowhere near any shipping routes. Awesome video National Geographic. Thank you for sharing.

Author — Azliana Lyana


In light of what is occurring on the Florida coast, this was especially moving and splendidly beautiful. Thank you for sharing NG.

Author — Cheryl R Leigh


Always loved New Caledonia for its football team but wow it’s just gave me another reason to love the little island 🇳🇨

Author — Thomas


Are the two turtles mating on the thumbnail?

Author — Napstaguy04


Stunning! Wishing you a beautiful day x)

Author — Fairy Frequency


Thank u nat geo today i prayed in chapel to help me to see world and all creation of the almighty and u r helping me in this mission

Author — Roshan Saintmayer


What a beautiful, unique and healthy ecosystem I’ve ever seen!!!

Author — Zoey


This is so amazing I would do anything to learn how to become an under water videographer like these dudes!

Author — Madison Wallace-Guy


This was amazing to watch. Thank you for sharing!

Author — Abdul Karim


I worked there for half a year in the central part of the island. Man, things were expensive!

My most memorable experience was when we finished our dive, we saw a couple of humpback whales breaching, so we followed them for half an hour while maintaining our distance. We completely forgot about lunch!

Author — JP


Astonishingly beautiful.  I had no idea of the colors and shapes corals and fish had.  I also had no idea that sharks were a sign of a health environment.  They are very close to our shores and bite or even kill swimmers and surfers.  I cannot imagine the California coast line as being health by any means as so much is toxic.  However I would imagine the sharks are opportunistic eaters as well.  It was lovely to visit so many reefs and see such beauty and health in these parts of our oceans.  Thank you.

Author — paula null


This is a great experience to them.. and give me more spirits and excitement. Right now, I'm still study in marine biology as my first degree.. and I'm really liked this kind of exploration.. too excited same as them to see this beautiful blue underwater world... 😄😄😄

Author — Ashley Jfar


Thank You very much to National Geographic for your work and the steady hand of your professional photographer. I enjoyed this video. Please try to save the sea animals and the world they live in. Thank You.

Author — Gary Tesla


Only if man leaves things as they found them the world itself would look like these reeves.

Author — Rio Facts


This gives me hope for the future. #BanPlasticsNow #RefuseReuseRecycle Let's heal the world

Author — Frank Akwetey


La vida marina es extraordinaria!! Colores, formas...todo es recuerda los documentales de Jack Cousteau...

Author — marisa gio


Que vídeo tão paradisíaco!! A cooperação entre países é fundamental e locais recônditos sem betão são lindos... Poderiamos chamar a esta viagem D' Artagnan, D, Quixote e Uncle Sam na Caledónia...Ben à vous Touché, Gracias. Thanks ... Se temos a noção do problema, se sabemos a causa porque. não por soluções, pontos de vista, alertar?. Para tal preciso por mãos à obra com coragem, interesse e próactividade!! Será que já não chegamos à fase em que já aprendemos e está na hora de corrigir os erros?.

Author — Maria da Luz Moutinho


This was do long of movie and I can't understand why he say that 😡 I will not watch this anymore very very angry 😠👎🇨🇦😡😣

Author — Sarah Redwood