How To Make 5-Panel Camp Hat

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 years ago

This tutorial walks you through the steps of assembling a 5 panel camp hat. We show you the detailed process, machines, fabric, tools, and more you need to make your 5-panel hats look professional. With this video you will be able to make your camp caps look store bought. Be sure to follow the instructions close so you get the best results! Thank you so much for taking the time to watch our video! Be sure to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and COMMENT! Let us know what you think!

Brought to you by Properfit Clothing | Quality Designer Clothing Made in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Filmed with Samsung NX1

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Love it. Thank you for making your download patterns affordable. My soon to be hubby is gonna love his custom hats.

Author — @MadeByGod1973


I love your video! Your five panel hat made so professional. Now I know what I will make for Christmas gifts. Thanks for your patients and hard work for all the videos! I have lots of fun to learn.

Author — @winfly886


I’ve been watching a few of your videos for about an hour now. I’ve learned much. I’m not one of these frilly clothes making SEWciopaths. I have an industrial machine and I’ve done boat canopies and tarps. I’m going to try a few of your bag patterns. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!!

Author — @deborahlucas3169


This inspires me and gives me a lot of encouragement when it comes to making caps. though I don't have a sewing machine, maybe I can do it by hand and I think it will take me forever in the process but still would like to do it!. Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial. I'm waiting for more videos from you guys. Keep up!

Author — @michaelabella6709


I enjoyed watching even though I'm sure I won't be doing this as I don't have the skill or machines but the sewing around the curve and pulling the fabric without pins: so impressed.

Author — @lanafalana


Great tutorial it's very in depth witch is AMAZING for a beginner.

Author — @Nytellem


Great video. Made making the cap really easy. Thank you.

Author — @thelmajudge4881


Your brim technique is brilliant. Kinda sad I didn't think of this! Thanks for the video.

Author — @JuniorbabyhatterUs


Great, tips!! Clearly spoken, clearly understood. Thank you!

Author — @paolaceron751


these are the best tutorial videos i've seen for probably anything on youtube. nice job!

Author — @zapotheque4113


Hello everybody,
I downloaded, print on cardboard and cut the pattern.
For the top stitching technique I did a bit of research and found the mechanical piece "baby lock belt loop binder" that you can fix on your regular sewing machine. And you can buy two double needles (approx. 2$) for this technique, makes it easier.
The tutorial is easy and once you understood how to fix every parts, you'll be comfortable with doing a few caps.

Thanks ProperFitClothing Co.

Author — @auderichards4982


Hello I'm from Brazil and there are tutorials on hat5panels manufacturing in Portuguese .... but with my little knowledge of English and the beautiful images could understand his explanation thank you. He got excellent results

Author — @jonatas.s0uza


where did you get the magnet guide to do the quarter inch stitch? Love this!!!

Author — @ThereseHinson


coucou !! j'ai suivi votre tuto chez moi et j'y suis arrivé !! j'avoue, j'ai pas du tout le même matériel que vous (aucun en commun en fait ) mais avec ma machine à coudre et des petits bidouillages pied presseur/griffe d'entrainement/ fil et aiguille j'ai réussi à obtenir un résultat similaire ouf !
merci beaucoup !

Author — @leoniemaleone395


hi. what size needle do you all use to stitch through the brim? i'm using a standard domestic sewing machine

Author — @alwayzhip


How long do these usually take per hat once you get the hang of it and are prepared would you say? @properfit

Author — @alexlewis5722


Does anyone have some tips and tricks to doing the sweatband? the last one I did took me hours to get it on right. There has to be a easier way. I want to make another hat but I am dreading having to deal with the sweatband part. Also your sizing tape (the white strip) that makes the hat look better, is not on your stores web page. I looked everywhere. Where can I buy it?

Author — @sexybluelady


Hi, just wondering if this is an updated pattern version? I have the cap pattern but didn’t get the back tab or the inside edge fabric pieces. Only got the 3 pieces with my pattern. Any way of getting the other couple pieces to make this cap? Thanks

Author — @sabrinacharette6357


the machines and those things ( i dont know how to call it) are soo beautiful :O

Author — @Herrmann-Utz


Where to buy the fabric for the main 5 panels for making the cap?
You description has listed other items to make kit.
But a link also to fabric is much appreciated.
Thank you!

Author — @KamilHussainShaikh