3 Bar C, Inc.- Rolling CB Interview™

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An early morning visit to the 75 Chrome Shop turned up none other than Heath Church of 3 Bar C, Inc in another fine looking rig. This unplanned interview revealed not only what has gone into the rebuild on this 2004 Pete, but what he has been up to recently, his thoughts on the economy in regards to trucking, work ethic, and reflections on his late father.

He's running a 2004 Peterbilt 379 / CAT C-15 / 63in flattop sleeper / 18 speed / 280 wheelbase / 3.36 rears.

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He’s baaaack🤘🏼
Man I missed seeing these rolling interviews

Author — 379ToLife


This guy is the ultimate in trucking. If the trucking industry had more guys like him, the world would be a better place. Class act 100%

Author — Demon Phreak


I miss these interviews with the drivers, haven’t seen to many lately. Former company driver, 20 years. My dream 💭 owner operator but due to health conditions I can’t drive anymore !
Thank you, super cool videos !

Author — 500 HP


His interviews are ranked high because he’s genuine and doesn’t add any fluff. Great interview again

Author — Tom Blain


Got to love the other drivers chiming in

Author — Chris P


That man is so gd cool! What an amazing attitude. Loosing your old man that recently and without skipping a beat he’s mentioning the good memory’s. Humble and honest pretty rare character trates these days . I’d be honored to shake his hand! God bless

Author — White Hat


That Pete is sick! Another couple years and you can get “classic” plates. lol.
I want to run an older rig. The new ones don’t feel right. Keep it alive

Author — holeintung


Rolling CB interviews are an unique idea and AWESOME. Love seeing them again.

Author — Kevin Keim


What an absolute gentleman, great interview and he spoke so fondly of his old man. Enjoying all your videos over here in Ireland 👌👌👍👍

Author — Johnny B.Goode


Beauty is in the eye of the That interstate is full of beholders 😁



I've been hoping for and looking forward to this video ever since the first one with Heath and his A-model when he made passing remarks about working on his '04 Pete!

Author — Jeff Stout


Chris I'd think most drivers would love to have you as secretary of Transportation

Author — Adrian Hennon


We all appreciate what you do Chris, Thank you!

Author — Chief119


Gotta love the uniqueness of everyone's truck.

Author — Spoonzaza


Heath has the best attitude in trucking! Wish I worked for someone like him! Awesome interview and coverage!! Keep up the great work Heath and Chris!

Author — M W


This man owns some amazing looking trucks. Sorry to hear about his pops passing. I too drive along side my pops and know the feeling of working along side your old man. I cherish those moments when we're able to roll along side one another.

Author — AG Sand


Guy in the suv has the ultimate intercom voice. “ALRIGHT PASSENGERS FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS AND ENJOY THE RIDE”

Author — Chris Wright


Chris is the man sure would love to get a rolling interview with him someday.

Author — Peake Mike


Up until this video I always thought you ran on different channels on the CB other than 19 just because it was so quiet and you never got interrupted, I was proved wrong today!

Author — Chasemartin 1219


I recognized Heath's voice 1st thing! What an awesome and humble guy. He builds a beautiful truck!

Author — Charles Morgan