The Advanced Chess Bots Are Terrifying

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0:00 Intro
0:30 BOT 1 - NELSON - 1300
4:27 BOT 2 - ISABEL - 1600
10:00 BOT 3 - MIGUEL - 1900
18:40 BOT 4 - FATIMA - 2000
26:50 FINAL BOT - AHMED - 2200

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I see, so the secret to wining at chess is being better than the opponent.

Author — Eduard Vasile


Chess masters: “You should develop your queen after every other minor piece is developed!”
Nelson: “woman”

Author — onionbread225


"You can skip to the second game if you want"
Me savoring every second of Nelson being ripped apart: No, I don't think I will

Author — ExactlySandwich


I'm so happy Nelson is being talked about.. facing him has been a genuinely traumatic experience for me

Author — Manoj Patankar


You bullying nelson was the most satisfying thing ever

Author — Ricci is cool


Gotham crushing Nelson felt like the older sibling beating up the kid who was bullying you.

Author — Obi_Wan Shinobi


"C4 is always a bad move in London" well hes not wrong

Author — Mabel Vaedis


"This is for humanity!" LOL. This guy is too funny.

Author — Jan Snauwaert


"I don't have any mates"
This is what happens after half a million games of chess Gotham.

Author — oogarguitar


Levi: Eating Nelson for breakfast.
Nelson: eating me for breakfast...

Author — Albert Stoykov


Grandmaster: plays bot
Bot: lol let's play bad moves
Me: plays bot
Bot: so you have chosen death

Author — Lord of the Memes


"That is officially bot's very first strange move. All bots do this."
Come one Levy, I am not a bot.

Author — Ali Raza


18:47 My thoughts as soon as an opponent's piece reaches my half

Author — A.K.


You know Levy is having fun, when he says horse instead of Knight.

Author — no-one


"We can play again, but I'm afraid the outcome will be the same."

Dang! Chess Bots have evolved into talking trash!

Author — frozencloud17


Beating Nelson as "Revenge for humanity" is too funny

Author — magikarp33


Nelson getting clowned like that was the best thing I could have seen this week. You have avenged me!

Author — SpicyMelon


How to beat Nelson -
1. Try to capture his queen in the opening game (usually falls for rook pin after you castle) or an exchange will do
2. Nelson is aggresive in the middle game so dont do anything passive
3. Make it to the end game and you can win by promoting a pawn to queen

Author — Amar477


I beat Nelson once. I'm a pretty bad player, but it made me feel pretty good that I could squeak one out against that really aggressive bot. Seeing you rip him apart was very satisfying.

Author — AntiTheory


25:29 im watching October 9th 2021 lol, seriously though. This was actually helpful, I was able to beat Nelson for the first time. Bullying him really did help lmao.

Author — J Gaming Gd