Second Sun - Fabric

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From Second Sun's 2nd LP 'Balance & Falling' (2014)


The day sparkles like a new dress in a magazine
And you stumble out of bed feeling half asleep and so unclean
Your thoughts fall like glass beads onto the hardwood floor
And you begin with your needle to string them back together
For the sake of another day

Someone is calling you pretend not to hear her
And the sound of reproach ambles nearer and nearer
You think you can see yourself staring back from the mirror

And you see the social fabric like one big woollen blanket that everybody’s under except you
And you try to lift a corner but they don’t want you

Baby girl your hair is dirty and your eyes are water
You look like you lost the big one
And I wonder if I can reach you from all the way over here
Tell you you make me feel sad too

And you see the social fabric like individual jackets woven out of lead
And everybody’s wearing one and no one will address it because no one can undress
Maybe we should undress

Our words
Stop talking in rhyme and rhythm
Stop talking through wine or other things in the middle
And give me something real

When yesterday’s man is someone that you wouldn’t want to know today
Begin with your needle to string us back together
Give me something real

© 2014 Second Sun

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One of the highlights on Valley FM 89.5 (Australia), well produced, awesome vocals, all the ingredients of an amazing track!

Author — ValleyFM 89.5 Radio Station