A2 Key for Schools Speaking test - Luca and Federica | Cambridge English

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Part 1 (Interview)
What do candidates have to do? Respond to questions, giving factual or personal information.

How long do candidates have to speak? 3–4 minutes.

Part 2 (Discussion)
What do candidates have to do? Candidates discuss likes and dislikes, and give reasons.

How long do candidates have to speak? 5–6 minutes.

Cambridge English speaking tests take place with one or two other candidates, and two examiners. This makes your test more realistic and more reliable.

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Please remember that these students are at A2 level and it's normal that they make mistakes. Federica and Luca kindly agreed to be filmed so teachers and students could see what to expect in the exam. Any unkind comments about their performance will be deleted.

Author — Cambridge English


I like how their Italian accent is strong. I think it’s cute. On the other hand, this video reminded me when I took my first Cambridge proficiency test. Best of luck for them!

Author — Fernanda Britto


Why am I watching this, when I’m preparing for the C1 test?

Author — Isabella García


This test is so important for students who want to go to great universities like Cambridge. I’m an English teacher in Brazil and my students have difficulties in learning some words, but it is normal.

Author — Paulo Círio


hate to see people being rude to them in the comments, they’re clearly children learning a new language so different from their own native language, and they kindly agree to filming and posting the video, they are doing great 😊

Author — Rafaela Tenório


Thank you Cambridge for uploading this and many other videos first of all.
To ALL the people who read this, try not to be critical. It is unfair to write an opinion which is negative when NO ONE is perfect.

All candidates can make mistakes. These kinds of videos are uploaded so others can have the opportunity to experience what it is like to do these types of exams and hopefully learn positive things from other candidates doing any speaking exam.

Author — rich Mck


Well done! Passed my C2 after 4 years in an english college in switzerland. I still remember the FCE exam:). In my teenage years I stuttered, which got worse when I was nervous. However my teachers knew that and helped me. Also the examiners are familiar with that and it wont really impact your overall mark. Just try to follow the instructions and talk as often with friends/ or your teacher. Good luck if you are reading this;)

Author — M H


I like that the examinator is smiling at them even when they have nothing to say. I wish all examinators were like her :)

P.S. Thank you, guys, for 100 likes!!! I've never got so many :)

Author — Bright


0:53 that kid is very smart .At my English exams I said that English is my fav subject and at my french exams I that that French is my fav sub

Author — Eva Brountzou


I have to study for my exams now, but for some reason I'm watching this

Author — Iryna K


Hello there! Thank you for sharing this useful video. As a teacher using a book to teach certain parts of speaking at various points, would it be possible to not the timestamps indicating each part so it's easier to find the right part. It's not a huge issues, if impractical as the video is about 7 mins. But it may useful for higher levels. Many thanks :)

Author — Nirmal Shukla


So adorableee with they lovely italian accent!

Author — 4d2defrente


That definitely have A2! Congratulations on learning a language

Author — Carlo Peraza


I like how she said "No, not at all". Not many of my Italian students say this. Watching this reminds me that the mistakes they make are identical to mine who are also 12-13 years old. It happens :) We learn from them. Bravi ragazzi!

Author — David Carmosino


It’s so cute how they end their words in English w a slight vowel sound just like they would in Italian

Author — Dany Boza


I love how they say vowels after words that finish with a consonant like "balse", "interestingue" or "bookse" because in their mother tongue almost every word finishes in a vowel. Thus they adopted this festure when they were speaking english

Author — Sergio Santos


These students are very competent indeed for an A2 level. Bravi!

Author — MultiSuperfluous


Yesterday I've taken an online English test, and while I was taking it I though that I was doing very well, but after I got the result I found that I am A2! Btw, I've got a result of 5 in IELTS, and my speaking is good.

Author — el Padrino


Their performance seems to be quite solid, as a self-taught English-learner I'm well aware of the ins and outs of said language as well as its learning process.

Don't be too harsh on these children, A2 is the second level on the "beginners" spectrum after all, not to mention here in Spain anyone passing secondary school is expected to be at said level and yet many aren't even capable of that much, for these kids to be doing so well is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Author — Chocolate Sugar Brain


Are the examiners’ comments and the candidates’ marks available? I mean, below some other Speaking Exam Videos there were downloadable examiners’s notes to get even a clearer picture of what is expected.

Author — Iryna Rohava