A Short Walk Aboard Aircraft Carrier USS George H.W. Bush As Strike Group Leaves For Deployment

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Take a walk aboard aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) and take a brief look of its interior. She is named for the 41st President of the United States George H. W. Bush

Nearly 6,000 Sailors attached to the George H.W. Bush Carrier Strike Group (GHWBCSG) depart Norfolk and Mayport, Florida, Jan. 21, for a regularly-scheduled deployment.

The deployment is part of a regular rotation of forces to support maritime security and operations in the Navy’s 5th and 6th Fleet areas of operation.

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Credits: USN

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i love vids like this, too hard to find them though, fucking ships are cool as shit specially massive ones

Author — rodney100100


All of the sailors look so bothered by the camera 😂

Author — Nick LeClair


For those wondering why the Sailors were weirded out by the cam its probably because most ships don't allow recording below topside because of something called OpSec or Operational Security so seeing a dude walking around recording everyone is weird.

Author — Robert Rosario


I always wondered why the people who design and build the ships never get any recognition. Their jobs are just as important at the people who use them but you never hear about them. I mean, if they don't build those ships right people can easily die from something malfunctioning.

Author — Kris B


I just love huge boats like this one, it's literally a floating city just incredible.

Author — Johnny Patterson


Feels like it was just yesterday I was walking down the exact p-ways. Went right past my old berthing too.

Author — hollowed thrones


3:37 one of the most American pictures that you'll ever see

Author — Average marching music enjoyer


Ah yes, the last of the Nimitz class carriers; Now the Ford class comes into play. Loved the enthusiasm of the one sailor sweeping the mess decks, I am retired Navy, USMC VETERAN, Loved my time serving my beloved country, my heart goes out to all our service men and women, stay out of harms way, Serve our country proud, 💯🇺🇸😍

Author — David611950


Anyone else reminded of the scene in Goodfellas, filmed in one shot, where Henry enters the club through the side door? I kept waiting for one of the sailors to say "I'm going to get the papers, get the papers"

Author — Mick Funny


Sensational walk-through - I really enjoyed that! What a fine ship she is. My father served for 23 years in the Royal Navy and I loved going aboard the ships he served on - walking down cramped corridors full of people, pipes, doors, cables and complex machinery brought back so many great memories - thank you!

Author — 8MoonsOfJupiter


Thank You for tour on USN combat ship !

Author — 2view


Thanks so much for the video, Happy Labor day to everyone who works for a living!! Especially all the Military !!! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SERVICES !!!😎😁 !!!

Author — Gerry McVeigh


She must have one hell of a mess specialist, as that crew looks very well fed.

Author — William James Lehy


The Nimitz carriers are fantastic. 20 years ago my Dad and I had a tour of the John C Stennis. Very impressive!

Author — scott beaudry


Watching this video, I can almost smell the salt air and the paint, creosote piers and the musty confines of the ship. Oh the memories.

Author — Offgrid Cabin


love the parts: what the F you just do?


these best just worry about themselves.

Author — David S


I love and respect our awesome military Americans.

Author — Bronxwars


Nicely done. It's cool to get a candid walkthrough. I have to admit, it reinforces my decision to go Army. I couldn't live on a boat.

Author — Danger Bear


Very cool! Impressive and exciting! Thank you for posting.

Author — pawbiter


Thank you for your service.
What most interests me is the reactions of personnel to the camera, with regard to what they do once they know a camera is present. It made me wonder what this walk through would look like if the camera(man) was an admiral and the camera was out of sight.
That could make Allen Funt roll over in his grave.

Author — Kenneth C. Bishop