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Infiltrator Kevin is coming to South Park Phone Destroyer and will be the newest addition to the scifi theme!

Infiltrator Kevin is a 3-cost rare ranged unit.
He deals extra damge to frozen and stunned units!
To be exact, only his base damge will be doubled when hitting anything frozen or stunned. This includes the new kid.

Infiltrator Kevin stats: (lvl, Health, Attack)
Base lvl 1/90/42
Max lvl 1/97/46
Max lvl 2/126/60
Max lvl 3/168/79
Max lvl 4/232/108
Max lvl 5/307/144
Max lvl 6/371/173
Max lvl 7/396/184

Challenge/Friendly: 151/71

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💬 Comments

Never would I have thought Kenny’s brother, a barely known character, was likely to be put in the game. Cool tho.

Author — Nick Antonian


Now we just need Kenny's sister snd his mother.

Author — Cuteamena


I don’t know why but see Stuart and Kevin make me happy XD

Author — Cacu_2006


Ok if there will ACTUALLY come Kenny's mom into the game and become too into the SCIFI Theme that would be insane, I mean Kenny's entire family would be in the game.

Author — Happi_Boi


Wish Redlynx would put their efforts into fixing the years old issues with the game, rather than constantly releasing new cards in an attempt to cash grab.

Author — Da B


I'd like to see some kevin stoley in the game, for example:
Card: Rockfucker Kevin Stoley
Theme: superheroes
Cost: 4
Rarity: legendary
He will through rocks to the opponent and pieces and durt from the rocks will get damage to the characters, which stay behind. He will have loadable ability, which moves him forward by air, when he lifting the rock under him.

Author — MR. FAP69


I think they will add a new card soon, like ned is pretty useless and then come jimbo and their combo is great. I hope its karen

Author — StripeOne


I love Kev to bits. Cant wait to get him.
Edit: Someone got his puberty reversed..

Author — Dario Gael Reyes 😐


I thought there would be an animation of his extra damage (like the + when units get buffed) ☹️

Author — Flash Back


Kenny is about to have his whole family on sit-in. XD

Author — Goeasyonme


now I'll wait for Karen's card

Author — Ulises Gomez


I hope kenny's sister appears in the game cause this is so fucking cool!

Author — Darkwing_duck54


I hope he never gets nerfed lol would be so dangerous with a sci fi mystical deck

Author — MR KHD


Interesting card! Look forward to giving it a try. I just really want them to put a Superhero Ike in the game some how!

Author — Lee Burman


Wow so many side characters getting some love we need Kenny’s mom and kyle’s mom in the game now
His ability seems situational but considering how easy it is to stun units he’s gonna be deadly

Author — Mystic Boar


looks alright and yeah maybe he give SPB a use because redlynx really nerfed him hard

Author — Mystery Raven


I almost forgot Murph stuns kids and now this is going to be a fun card to try for my Adv/sci deck

Author — QuadrepedTrainerAnthony


I can already tell this card is going to be OP, he Is a level 3 and is already doing massive damage. SO imagine how much damage he will do if he is in level 7

Author — Elijah Duncan


Nice, we're still waiting for Superhero Ike too. I wonder if they'll ever put Kyle's mom or dad in the game as well.

Author — Royce Rambo


A indirect buff to SciFi Stan, Wendy, Bradley, cartmen, And Stuart. And freeze ray? And many other stuns/freeze? Think this card is gonna be super nice whenever you can get it to a decent level.

Author — Eddy