Eternal Sonata Original Score (2007) (PlayStation 3 Game Music)

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Trusty Bell ~Chopin no Yume~ Original Score (2007)

There are 69 songs here. Enjoy listening.

Disc 1 (21 songs)
Disc 2 (17 songs) 1:00:04
Disc 3 (15 songs) 1:55:12
Disc 4 (16 songs) 2:46:01

I claim no rights to any of this.

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This game was fun, unique in concept, and the music is a joy. Now if only we can get it on modern day consoles.

Author — Nathan Williamson


0:00 Jewel of the Heart/心の輝石
4:12 Remember Me/Think of me
4:56 Raindrops/雨だれ
11:04 A Relaxing Place
14:22 Make the Leap/Leap the precipice
17:47 Well Done
18:24 The End of My Days/Two ends of my doze
19:00 Reflect the Sky, Blossom of Life/Reflect the sky, Bloom the life
22:55 A Light in the Palm of Your Hand/手の中の淡い光
25:37 Mediocrity for All/皆が求する凡庸
28:20 Underground for the Underhanded/Underground for underhand
31:04 Rapid Fire
33:17 Prepared to Fight/立ち向かう覚悟
35:49 Can You Recall Your Dream?/Can you recite the dream?
38:20 Illuminated Lives/Illuminant lives
41:33 Time Together/共に在る時
44:19 It's Up To You/あなた次第
47:26 Animals Everywhere/Innumerable animals
50:14 Pressure/重圧
53:52 Between Light and Darkness/明暗を分かつ瞬き
56:32 Different, But the Same/同じようで違うけど同じ?

1:00:03 Revolution/革命
1:03:08 Dive Into the Vast Expanse/Dive into the vast expanse of plains
1:06:20 Strategy/策謀
1:09:47 Wall With No Front or Back/背も腹もない壁
1:12:54 Conduct the Breeze/Breeze the conductor
1:15:54 Uncertain Homefront/揺らぐ銃後
1:19:16 Salsa's Theme/DANTOTSU!
1:21:18 Take a Stand/侮らない構え
1:24:48 From Cruelty to Kindness/強さから優しさへ
1:28:28 Journey of the Mind/Journey to projective mind
1:32:05 Close Call/迫撃
1:34:43 Believe/I bet my belief
1:37:36 Fantaisie-Impromptu/幻想即興曲
1:42:54 Silence and Life/静寂と生息
1:46:04 Woodland Wanderer/Wonderland of wanderer
1:49:25 Resist and Endure/Endure and resist
1:52:05 Who Wants to Die/No No I don‘t die Noooo!

1:55:11 Grande Valse Brillante/華麗なる大円舞曲
2:01:10 Quiet Defender/A buffer for quiet
2:04:09 Strolling Hearts/心の散歩
2:06:02 The Ultimate Treasure/Seize the artifact for tallness
2:09:22 Peace Valued/和を尊ぶ調べ
2:12:11 From Tomorrow/明日から…
2:14:27 White Mirror/白き鏡
2:17:40 Rock and Burn You
2:20:35 Nocturne/夜想曲
2:25:07 First Step/一歩
2:28:52 Snow and Ice Boundary/雪と氷の境界
2:31:58 Repeating Tide/Repeated tide
2:35:07 Grim Will/冷厳な意志
2:38:02 Tristesse/別れの曲
2:42:50 Limitless Divide/Continuous divider

2:46:01 Your Truth is My Lie/Your truth is my false
2:49:12 Imprisoned Phantoms/Captured phantom
2:52:38 Etudes of the Spirit/The etudes of spirit
2:55:37 End of the Journey/行き着くところ
2:59:15 Twisted Spiral/Spiral twister
3:02:46 Unbalanced/Broken balance
3:06:24 Illogical Theory/The unreasonable theory
3:09:59 Heroic Polonaise/英雄
3:17:16 Consistent Embarrassment/Embarrassment consistency
3:20:01 Rebuilding Ourselves/Scrap and build ourselves―革命より―
3:23:54 Fact, Faith, and Truth/事実と誠実、そして真実
3:28:58 Light/灯
3:32:38 Someone Special/大切な人
3:35:56 Nightfall and Daybreak/Someone‘s evening. Someone's daybreak
3:39:53 Heaven's Mirror/鏡天花
3:47:35 Shape of Life/命のかたち

Author — 石晏


I started watching Forest of Piano and after hearing Chopin, I came back here. This is one of my favorite games of all time.
Whenever I play video games, I name my characters after the characters in this game.

I'm proud to say I'm a band nerd

Author — Anna Lunn


I never played the game but one day I came across the music and fell in love.

Author — CandyWiiMoteDick


Seriously this game was so underrated it combined fact and fiction so well in that Chopin really did have tuberculosis. And honestly this game introduced me to Chopin's music!

Author — Mike O.


This game is one of the most incredible gems I have ever played

Author — SainWidowX


After listening the amazing ost of this game, I want to play it

Author — Kiritsuna


ya no hay juegos como este....fue uno de los que mas me gusto en su tiempo

Author — Jose leon leiva


Made the latter part of my work day fly by! Thank you!

Author — Alicia Jenkins


I love this game. I played it with my dad, but then he got lost in the sewer maze and we never finished it. I hope I get to play it again someday. I still have it sitting on my shelf

Author — Moonya Snow


The starting sound of Remember me / Think of me, is literally in the intro of an hentai on

Author — Adolph Snithler


I was looking for something else and found this gem.

Author — Murillo Bonson


At 6:40 who else immediately thought of the Halo 3 "Believe" trailer?

Author — Hard Lee


was this for ps3?? I thought it was for the xbox360

Author — ViRrOorR


Genshins soundtrack sounds so close to this it’s not even funny

Author — Notorious