Radical left amps up violence against Republicans ahead of midterm elections

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Radical left amps up violence against Republicans ahead of midterm elections 4.5
Fox News legal analyst Greg Jarrett and attorney Harmeet Dhillon discuss the recent violence aimed at Republicans ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

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Amazing. And they try and say conservatives are the violent ones. They are nothing less than fascists

Author — MAGA TRUMP20/20


Why doesn't law & order make an EXAMPLE out these *subhuman* VERMINS before common sense People start using vigilante justice???

Author — Native Centurion


The left literally has nothing left but hate and violence. Nothing to do but sit back, relax, vote Republican, grab the popcorn, and watch the demonrats destroy themselves.... They're finished!

Author — Jack Bor


CNN/MSNBC incite violence, the gullible watchers are brainwashed.

Author — Jill Jeffrey


LMAO, We Conservatives look forward to a good fight with the looney leftists! Oh boy have we got a surprise for them!

Author — Rich D


All the left has anymore is violence, slander and censorship. They can't get their way through reason since it is not on their side. They are intellectually bankrupt cowards. Anyway, I just added this video to a playlist in my You Tube channel titled "This is the "tolerant" left".

Author — Political Correctness Offends me


Why is nobody taking the subject of "Manchurian Candidate" type mind control tech seriously as the source of Trump Derangement Syndrome! Why is that? Don't people realize that agents of the Deep State have the ability to program mentally unstable people to instigate acts of massive violence? Come on folks! Wake up and smell the conspiracy that's right under our noses.

Author — Light Dancing


Thanks Lou.. Truth is what everyone needs to hear. Violence gets no one anywhere.

Author — reinfree


I read a post a couple days ago and thought is was worth sharing.

It reads, "I haven't seen democrats this mad since the Rebuplicans took their slaves away."

Author — Chadwick Doyle


I can't think of a better reason to own a gun, than to protect our own LOVED ONES from these sensles, stupid, ANIMALS

Author — Gene Garbis


okay republicans, arm yourselves. just be well armed.

Author — passing wind


The California courts are complicit in the political violence. The leftist judge he got likely set his bail low.

Author — phantasmo9998


When law enforcement stands by and allows criminals to attack good citizens, then that law enforcement is criminal as well.
Then if good citizens are forced to defend themselves with what ever means possible, the law enforcement should become a target with the criminal as well. The friends of your enemy is your enemy too!

Author — Parrot Bill


I thought that switch blade knives were illegal in the state of California...The Democrats, I hope wont be surprised if Republicans retaliate... Ninette Bird- The Caribbean Wife.

Author — Robert Bird


Welcome to the new KKK, democrats post 2016 are showing their true heritage. Good Luck with that.

Author — Dave Miner


I am the only one who is still wondering about the Vegas shooter? Such a huge story just goes away with motive "unknown". When it happened the first thing I thought was that it was a radical leftist. Thought that because he attacked a country music concert which probably had a large # of conservatives. Personally I think they are not telling us everything because they are worried about retaliation from the right. I don't know that obviously but it doesn't pass the smell test for me.

Author — Chris Butler


More accurate would be "Democrats/Radical left amps up violence against Republicans".

I'm 61 years old. I can't believe what's happened to the Democratic Party. Of which I was a member most of my life. Yep "Antifa and Black Lives Matter".

Democrats and black leadership who have run and controlled our cities and schools for the past fifty plus years have destroyed them.

Author — Larry Singleton


Mainstream media Deception & Idiots who Believe them...this is a result.

Author — Hal 9000


Who cares about Susan Collins, where are all her buddies on the other side of aisle? Lol, she slept with the left and got fleas.

Author — Linda Minton


It is time for President Trump to have a national address about this matter!

Author — libran101257