Far Cry 6 - Official Reveal Trailer | Ubisoft Forward

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Far Cry 6 - Official Reveal Trailer | Ubisoft Forward 5

Get the first look at the next entry in the Far Cry series in this dramatic reveal for Far Cry 6.

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The director for that trailer really knows how to make people watch to the end

Author — Showsky


Me: Hey dad can i get some money?
Dad: *The grenade is

Author — AssassinForHire


*Kid minding his own business*

Dad: Here's a granade

Author — Purple Wolfy


Far Cry 6 secret ending is in this trailer. If you decided hold the grenade for 10 mins, the game will end with secret ending. If you decided to throw the grenade, welcome to Far Cry 6.

Author — Vince Oh Myyy


This man seriously went from being El Pollo Hermano to El Presidente

Author — Big Mac-11


If Farcry 6 doesnt have “Los Pollos Hermanos” i dont want it

Author — Kelvyn Simao


*Kid trips and drops the grenade*
El Presidente: HAAAAH!
*walks towards the edge with half his face blown off and straightens his tie*

Author — 4BallRun


Kid: *makes miniature car*
Dad: “Are ya winning son?”

Author — FRISHR


The fact that you can preorder this before we’ve seen any gameplay is the most Ubisoft thing I’ve seen this year

Author — Bobo


Imagine just chilling and making a car then your dad comes and and tells you to hold a grenade

Author — scar_cuh


I’m a simple man, I see Giancarlo Esposito, I buy the game.

Author — Pim Verwoerd


one question how many times we are going to get kidnapped this time?

Author — Gabriel Bellinaso


Me buying cosmetics in game:
Me after: Perfect, but useless.

Author — Emperor Kayn


All the budget for this Cinematic trailer went to Gus's face

Author — Eric Sedique


Looks like Gus hasn't learned his lesson messing with bombs 🤣😂

Author — vass montango


Not gonna lie... The antagonists look like some South Indians.

Author — Bhargav Bora


Far cry 3: did I ever tell you the definition of "insanity"?
Far cry 4: did I ever tell you the definition of "stop the bus"?
Far cry 6: did I ever tell you the definition of "grenade"?

Author — Mody Arif


The only thing left to see, is Heisenberg drop his crystal bomb to the crowd.

Author — Δημητρης Σμυρης


just by listening to his voice i recognized him

welcome back gus fring

Author — 박준현


i tried to do this in real life

currently there is a third world war at its peak

Author — Nohail Faraz