(1083) Yale TS007 Platinum 3-Star Picked & Gutted

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Tips and tricks when opening a Yale TS007 platinum 3-star Euro cylinder dimple lock. Picked & gutted.


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Congratulations on disassembling the lock without drawing any blood, although it might attract more subscribers.

Author — George


Got one of these on my front door and now feel quite safe. 10 mins for you to pick it in a lab gives me a high confidence level.

Author — Peter Collard


TS007 is the British Standard. There are 3 ratings with 3 star being the highest. It is actually called a Yale Platinum 3 star.

Author — cjmillsnun


I sometimes think the most challenging part of these picks, are taking the locks apart :)

Author — Jeff L


This was the video that made me choose my exterior door locks. If BB takes that long to get in, it's very very difficult to pick by mere mortals. For your average light-fingered type, unpickable.
If only the keys were nicer to look at than the black nylon bow.

Author — SuperHarbl


Was wondering how long it was going to be until you did one of those.
These are the locks I've got on my house and I'm glad that a pro like yours took a while to pick it.

Author — TheManLab7


Well done!
I came across one of these 2 days ago and kinda wonderd on the difficulty!
Totally out of my depth! LOL

Author — tonyholt90


"Let me get a glove" I think, "oh good, so you won't let the screw driver slip and stab your hand". Then you come back with it on the other hand...

Author — Peter Stahl


Very nice and educational video. Actually, this lock is offering a really decent degree of pick resistance.

Author — LSD Locks


Nice video Bill 😁 Nightmare getting them screws out though after picking it lol. Thought you were gonna pick it open and then get stuck on the taking it apart. Still, got there in the end 😁👍

Author — Southampton Lock Picking Club


Nice picking Bill! Very nice lock to! I really enjoyed watching you pick this lock! I am going to have to get some locks with sliders because I have never been able to get one as of now but hopefully I can get one soon!

Author — The Avid Picker


Well done Bill, Loved this on as these are what I've got on my external doors :) just finished my 10yr old Glenmorangie at the weekened you reminded me i must get some more :D Great video and look forward to seeing more, feeling inspired again and need to dig out my beginner lock picks and start learning some more.

Author — Steven Dixon


Really helpful video I have a very similar Yale lock with pins and sliders, I'll try your tip with the sliders, great video as always 👍👍

Author — Daz Evers


Got one like that on my front door. Just getting the key lined up to go in is hard enough

Author — Old Uncle Silas


damn bill I do like to hear those clicks, but I love all of your videos you don't need to change a thing good effing job on that lock and thank you!!!!

Author — sl1m: p1k1nz


To make it easier to remove locktite held screws, use some slight heat on the screw and they will come right undone with no problems.

Author — The Divine Hammer's Woodworks


...and now, finally, I think I've figured out what the weird half-cylinder pick in the sparrows classic set is for. It looks like It's for manipulating sliders. Thanks Bill.x

Author — Pen Fold


Funny to see thelock that is in my door :P Gave me a good feeling that it took him over 10 mins...

Author — Michael Kolmschate


thanks for doing more picking with the mic next to the lock!

Author — James L


Not really related to the topic but I love your voice man... It's so soothing.

Author — The Pocky Jocky