Her // ANIMATION MEME [2018]

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

No matter what you say or what you do, when I'm alone I'd rather be with you.

Programs used:
Adobe After Effects CC
Sony Vegas Pro 13
Clip Studio Paint EX
Toon Boom Harmony

Original by:
Baked Potonion

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💬 Comments

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! still fantastic!! Please we also rather be with you too~ 👌😜💗

Author — BLANKbear


Im going to give some constructive criticism: The animation is sort of choppy, the head bobbing annoys me, flashing lights gave me a headache, although issued a warning, I couldn’t get the premise of what is happening, and if you’ve read to this point, you will now know that this is a joke and that I really liked it. Professional work at its best.

Author — Dixie


My cousin said that an unikitty meme was the best "her" meme. I showed her this. She literally was so amazed.

Author — Sandystars


Never have I looked at something and immediately thought “this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen” Great job!!

Author — WaffleStew


Why is youtube showing me this when I've seen it before?


Author — Castiel


Disney: Eh Nobody can be better than us.
This video: *hold my beer*

Author — Oreo Pup


I don't even like animation memes

but I can make exceptions

Author — liger_error


Underrated animator alert ⚠️

Seriously this is amazing i love it so much ❤️❤️❤️

Author — trash


the memories-

Back in 2018 I remember loving this
All the animation memes were like my escape from reality, I've grown out of them now but just looking back at the ones I use to adore really hits me in an area that hasn't felt anything for a long time.

Author — Fragxile


The animation is so fluid and the transitions seem so clear and smooth!

Author — mamzee gakara


This is so smooth! I can see the livelyness through the tweens too and the so nany bounces, keep it up!

Author — BeeboTheBean


Doctor: you have 1 minute to live

Me: *watches this*

Doctor: That's 16 seconds over-

God: Hush my sheep. It's an acceptance.

Author — Kio


The transitions are so smooth the effects are amazing and well done. Your character hes so much feeling into it it seems like hes real this is by far one of the best memes ive seen i hope to see your talents improve keep up the good work 👍

Author — cf77


Oh my dog this is beautiful ✨💚✨
I love how smooth the animation is, it gives me goosebumps, I love the way you expressed feeling into your character, it makes your character seems so alive and real, I can see you going to great places, keep up this beautiful artwork ✨🤗✨

Author — Mr. CRAZY Ray


Perfect, so smooth! I don’t know why but this looks so much more like an animation compared to animation memes!

Author — mamzee gakara


I always go back and watch this meme, it's by far one of the smoothest I have ever seen!

Author — Cheriki


This is so smooth and animates well, I seen tons of animations and this is by far one of my favourites.

Author — GamerTroll


has a meme ever been so smooth and amazingly edited that it kinda makes your eyes hurt due to the 2D style but 3D animation? Yeah this is one of those moments

Author — axel


Dude I love the combination between tweening and frame by frame so much

Author — Robyfied


Wow, there's so much life to this animation! Amazing work! Your animations are beautiful :)

Author — *** Nustella ***