Hosts lose it over 93-year-old's raunchy joke

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Hosts lose it over 93-year-old's raunchy joke 4.5
93-year-old Sylvia and 88-year-old Frank tied finally tied the knot, but it was Sylvia's honeymoon joke that pushed Karl and Lisa over the top.

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I delivered shopping to a very old gentleman in a retirement village. His shopping had some alcohol in it. Jokingly, I said "I should ask if you're 18" His reply was "I was when I woke up this morning, sonny!" Followed by the most mischievous cackling laughter I'd ever heard. After a few seconds of initial shock, a few more seconds of desperately trying to remain professional, I laughed my ass off with him right there in the hall way. What a legend.

Автор — MickMaan


That cougar is taken advantage of that young man.

Автор — Chase


Why are the Australians so humorous when it comes to their news

Автор — Human Human


A hip definitely got thrown out that night lmao

Автор — who datt


My great grandma passed yesterday at 99. She went on a singles cruise when she was in her 90's LOL. Never give up on love

Автор — Parker t


First of all...she definitely does not look 93....damn good for her! I can't help but LOVE raunchy old people, it's hilarious 😭

Автор — Tonya Atkinson


I hope I have that much life in me when I'm 93

Автор — Colby and Brennen


What a great video of a fantastic couple and wish them all the best for their adventure.

Автор — michael ellams


This is lovly, my gradma at 84 just found love with her 87 y.o bf.

Love can happend in all ages

Автор — NoBreakz


Why does the granddad sound like Batman? Lol

Автор — First Name Last Name


Wow, good for them. Love the "At Last" song because it definitely suited the occasion.

Автор — Ms Temptation


That was awesome. I love seeing older people still loving and embracing life. Silvia and her new husband make quite the pair. I wish them a life of love and happiness. ❤️

Автор — aaafarah


"Silvia will be sipping a few COCKtails"

Автор — Le_Xeus


This is a beautiful and hilarious video.
Im a 66 year old single guy in the middle of Texas.
I find myself smiling at these love birds story...with tears in my eyes..
Just lovely.
I love Australians...Such wonderful people.
Thank you for posting this one....and cheers to some rattling of bones that

Автор — randle guill


Ahhh, I am single n my mid 50's I can only dream of this

Автор — Lynn Heim


Oh lord, if she doesn’t remind my of my great grandma. Oh I miss her dearly R.I.P Great Grandma 1921-2011.

Автор — Its—Me Anthony


“If u don’t lay on me with that one” 😳 did I hear her right 🤣🤣🤣

Автор — kevin ambrose


That mans in his prime, shouldn’t waste his youth on a cougar😂

Автор — Saint Lukas


As my Dad used to say: "there may be snow on the roof- But there's still a fire in the furnace!"



They're amazing. At their age they're still walking and strong. Can't believe Sylvia at 93 can still take a bow with her knees. And Frank at 88 can still walk. (My father 86 can barely stand now which is sad 😐)

Автор — Ogie Cruz