Contradicting opinions over lawfulness of Russian elections

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Contradicting opinions over lawfulness of Russian elections 2.5
Opponents of Russian President Vladimir Putin alleged that voters are being compelled to show up at polling stations but officials say the vote will be fair …

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The Election was a Sham from the beginning. Why denied Navalny and others from getting political election discounts?

Author — Globalism Is Good For Peaceful World.


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Driving People to the polls is hardly abnormal. More voters the better. Is the opposition saying more voting is bad ?
Some countries have mandatory voting laws.

Author — ALX Armed Liberation Xecutive


It is understandable why the Western media don’t talk about Grudinin & Co at all, the opposition who can really challenge Putin and remove him from the Kremlin, but who also promise to rebuild Russia into Soviet Union 2.0. They don’t show how the Kremlin uses dirty tricks against *Grudinin* yet they whine about *Navalny* all the time because *Putin* barred him from the election campaign.
WHY? Because since you can’t have Gorbachov (Navalny) in the Kremlin it is better to have Brezhnev (Putin) in the Kremlin than Stalin (Grudinin & Co). That’s how democracy, human rights and justice are important for the West.

Author — Mark Mywords


People act like Putin WON ALL of Russia.
Did you guys FORGET that 24% of Russians DID NOT Vote for him???

Thats 24 MILLION or More Russians who DID NOT Vote for Putin.

Author — ISJST


But appointed leaders from Goldman Sachs in the EU.... nothing shady about that. Un-elected EU parliament clowns are good too. Who elected Jens Stoltenberg? Who voted for the US to still annex Germany?

Author — Seventh Anubis


The Anti Crist is going to show his fangs, he is mad.
Prepare for WW3, russia doomed by evil.

Author — Avocatul Poporului


They will be as fair as they can be in a rigged election.

Author — C.S.E United Europe


'Lawfulness' and 'Russian' don't belong in the same sentence.

Author — Hungarian Paragon


Seems no one has looked at American elections ...DNC rigging the primary elections, rampant voter fraud, rampant corruption, and to divert attention from these abuses we chase Russians under our beds ...good lord, what a sad state of affairs

Author — Bob Marshel