You Think Table Tennis is not a Sport Then Watch This

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You Think Table Tennis is not a Sport Then Watch This 4.5

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Lol who would think table tennis is not a sport? Online game is not a sport though, Just sitting on your ass for 16+ hrs, otherwise there is an entire Olympic army on twitch

Автор — Cloud Head Media


who ever makes a racial joke about Asians eyes you should wach this video

Автор — Nathan Nuk3


tabbel tennis is more of a sport then golf

Автор — Albin Strömberg


Does anyone really think table tennis isn't a sport? Ping-pong? Anyone who has ever played ping-pong against someone better than themselves should understand that it is a VERY competitive sport.

Автор — ReklawLah


Has anyone actually ever said table tennis isn't a sport??

Автор — Bob


Still gonna stick with competitive masterbating

Автор — Gsiravo


Table Tennis Levels:

Автор — Vengeance Kid iOS Games and More!


more of sport than crossfit if you ask me.

Автор — Tank time


Back I my day, we didn't have no table tennis racquets. We used our bare hands, and we was good at it. We didn't have no tables either, we played on a hill, and if the ball flew away, we had to swim 10km to bring it back. And I be damed if there was a referee, we had a boxing match if there was an argument, but we still played better than you youngsters.

I'm 14 years old.

Автор — Abhinav


So i'm the only one that thinks to music fits? Okay.

Автор — Qimosabe


It's not a sport because sports are played by mere mortals, these are played by gods that requires god like hand speed and reflexes.

Автор — morninghope1


No offense.There are 4 levels of table tennis: easy, middle, difficult and China.

Автор — adad ada


Kind of hard to take this seriously when the title is comic sans and the music is "Remember the Name."

Автор — TheSushiSneaker


table tennis is one of the best and hardest sports in the world if you play it right and good and you earn al lot if you are one of the best in the world tim boll earned 5 million a year when he was nr 1 in the world

Автор — Marvin Götz


At like 2:12- 2:25 couldn't the dude just do a super short shot and he wouldn't be able to get back to it?

Автор — Noah Wheatley


Forest Gump played table tennis, so I guess it's cool.

Автор — Hermiie


My grandma did table tennis when she was younger and she'll bring me to the place where she trains. Man.. all the people were so hardcore and no kidding it's very very hard. You need lightning fast reflexes and your body needa move FAST. As long as the ball bounces on the other side of the table, it can go as fast as it wants, as far it wants. You see it's just one small table, but the playing area can expand a WHOLE lot. It's really not an easy sport.

Автор — MuscleBunny


Definition of a sport: any game where two or more people compete at the same time. That is why this is a sport, but biking isnt, etc. Biking, archery, swimming etc. are for the most part just athletics.

Автор — Josh Meade


Table tennis is more of a sport then soccer

Автор — Ben O brien


Of course, it's a sport. Why would you think otherwise. My friends and I play it in the winter. It's probably the best sport for maintaining your reflexes and hand-eye coordination as you get older

Автор — mrbobevans