Centipede Bite Worse Than ALL Stings?!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail Legacy Series, we take a look back at the time Coyote got bit by one of his worst fears - the Giant Desert Centipede. Now you can enjoy the original Giant Desert Centipede episode AND aftermath unabridged!

Get ready, you’re about to see if this centipede bite is WORSE than all of the stings Coyote has encountered!

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Coyote: “the pain was so bad...I was almost in tears”

Just seeing that thing put me in tears

Author — Aram Kazorian


The fact that he never swears when he’s in unbelievable pain is extremely admirable and I respect him immensely for it

Author — HunterCool22


Got mine (in Hawaii) from a big centipede, same reaction.

Author — cizia69


coyote: **in intense pain, describing searing sensation**

centipede: **cleaning her antenna, unbothered**

Author — Aubie


My brother was bitten by one of these centipedes when he was only 12 years old, while he was walking in the dark and accidentally stepped on one. We stayed up the whole night tending to him as he cries in agonizing pain.

Author — Jack Hans


Coyote: falls off a 126 foot cliff

Mark: describe the pain

Author — Jap0665


Coyote: Trying to explain the pain
Centipede in box: Yo can I go yet?

Author — Katey Chaos


I think his left arm is capable of the infinity gauntlet. LOL

Author — Googl Yeye


It’s amazing how he keeps educating through the pain and tries to keep going. Very admirable

Author — autopsyjuice


Huge respect for him not getting mad and just killing the bug afterwards in any of these episodes.

Author — Mad Magic


the only thing that is more impressive than him getting stung is how calm he is putting the container back over it

Author — Nick Gambogi


Coyote: the pain was so bad I was almost in tears!
Me: don't say that you were in tears so your just trying to be brave.

Author — Caidyn Michael


When Coyote cries from pain you know he is in serious trouble,

When i cry you know i probably got a paper cut.

Author — Tania


Trust ME when I say that Coyote uses the SAME ARM EVERY TIME.

Author — Azalea 🌺 Axolotl


Best thing is he didn’t even swear. I would’ve swore like a sailor the entire day

Author — MuqriMahdi Hanif


"I'm Coyote Peterson and I'm about to jump into an active Volcano."

Coyote: Jumps in and melts alive
Mark: Describe the pain.

Author — Widow in White


Everytime I'm watching videos like this I feel like an unknown loathsome bug is touching me whenever a slightest hair of my body seems to move

Author — D. Crack


Just Coyote talking about the centipede’s legs scratching at the glass gave me the chill bumps. He’s a braver man than I.

Author — Jonathan Bethards


Oh my God, salute to this guy! What an Incredible bravery. 🥺

Author — Marian Carla


The bravery this man has is even scarier than any bite. He's willing to be bitten by literally anything.

Author — just some guy