The Capybara That Raises Puppy Litters | Animal Odd Couples | Real Wild

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The Capybara That Raises Puppy Litters | Animal Odd Couples | Real Wild 4.5

This fascinating documentary reveals the captivating secret lives of fishes and where and how they live in the ocean. Featuring fish that build their own homes, creatures that live on others and some that even adapt human rubbish to provide safe undersea homes.

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I wonder if they experience haunted events in their houses by the past owners?

Author — Tranitosaur


i never knew octopus have thos breathing tube things

Author — alphadawn2015 lennon


Omg too many ads ruin the content. On to the next vid ... (sigh).. and yeah I am aware of the ad blocking software etc. but didn’t have a good experience when I attempted that to remove ads from being plastered on my phone as it seemed to act maliciously after installing and didn’t work properly. Anyway, I don’t ever allow site tracking or web beacons or cookies to be downloaded for the purpose of some entities trying to obtain all my information just to serve dumb ads, when I don’t impulse buy or buy into any of the gimmicks and dumb trends that the average person just has to conform to or run out and get, to define their status and worth on superficial things etc. all these ads ruin what could be decent content and most the time, when ppl are uploading documentaries on here, it’s not their original content anyway. They just end up making money off someone else’s crap that they happen to upload. That’s not fair.

Author — Kri MD


There's No place like home!! There's Noo place like home!! There's place like home.

Author — Dainty Minnie


Awesome video. Thanks for sharing and uploading. I only had two commercial that's about it. I just got done watching it 7:25 pm. April 24, 2020!

Author — Abelardo Gonzales


That octopus kicked dirt at the camera man

Author — Superior Tra


Content is great. Way too many ads for me to subscribe or watch additional vids.

Author — Teresa Truman


Saturated with Advertising. 😕
And only in 4/3 ratio. Very Old.

Author — Marcus Sparticus


What a magnificent video! Thanks to channel owner. Very much appreciative indeed.
Dear viewers: Just for the sake of clarifying some misconceptions, don’t you all agree that the absolute credit, acknowledgment & gratitude is entitled to (ALLAH) GOD Almighty. The only TRUE GOD. The creator as well as the preserver of the whole universe. Not the alleged Mother Nature! Mother Nature is his creation. And certainly not the big lie EVOLUTION. Isn’t that right?
All species/wonders including human beings haven’t created themselves. GOD Almighty did. No alleged associates/partners with him. Consequently, he must be solely worshipped, feared & praised all time. I am not trying to make someone to convert, it’s up to you. It is your own choice to decide.
Accept my greetings.

Author — Youssif Jassim


I could have a nicest home too if I didn’t have to worry about gravity or bills! lol

Author — ChillBill85


You tube has ads that’s why it’s free ad free yt will cost you money I really enjoyed this thank you 😊

Author — Theresa Price


What a nice documentary. I had an irrational fear of moray eels when I was little. I was afraid that one would swim up and bite my toes off when I went for a swim. Anyway, we really should be sinking more structures for the marine life to live in when you look at those wrecks.

Author — Politically Correct Redskin


Beautiful shots. The black and red hermit crab in the orange shell was striking.

Author — Angela Hepp


I know Susan won't want to hear this but I didn't care for the music. It was a little depressing or to each their own, though. The video looked interesting otherwise!

Author — Gail Yarbrough


Anemone fish? Don't you mean Clown fish?

Author — Pup314


Beautiful. Pleasant, unobtrusive music. Thanks.

Author — Susan Brown


what you said at 22:44 is wrong. They keep at least one arm attached is mainly to keep them anchored in the current and to keep tabs on his home because homes are hard to come now would be when you can say what you said about it. Just thought you should know.

Author — malum incarnatus est 999


Wish I could actually enjoy your videos, but your obnoxious amount of ads makes me avoid watching ANY of your videos, I know everytime I see your YouTube page symbol photo, I don't click on them bc of the ads. Unsubscribing too...if you weren't too greedy to make $$ off of other people's docs/videos, i would stick around & watch all your videos. Now i just give them all a👎🏻. There's so many other channels that have new docs/videos that only have 2 ads at most if any at all...

Author — Alisha diane


Something is creating it all and it's not a god, it's the universe itself. The entire universe is alive and well even thinks😁😅

Author — fabio sunspot