Vicky Ward: Only Melania Can Say 'No' To Ivanka

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Vicky Ward: Only Melania Can Say 'No' To Ivanka 5

'Kushner Inc.' author Vicky Ward says that with Steve Bannon and General Kelly out of the White House, the only person left who's willing to tell Ivanka Trump 'no' is the First Lady.

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I'll say it again;

JFK takes the USA to the MOON, he was assassinated. Donald Trump takes the USA to the CLEANERS and gets WORSHIPPED. WTF, America?

Author — Volga Wolfhounds


Trump is not going to read her book. HE CAN'T.

Author — MorphiousD


"So all our hope rests on Melania Trump?" That would've been a great moment to put up an image of Melania's "I really don't care. Do U?" coat.

Author — Kaleton


I absolutely cannot stand Jared & Ivanka - two nitwits that have gotten everything that they've wanted due to daddy's (illegally gained) money.

Author — Hollins23


Melania stands up to Ivanka when Ivanka invades her territory. That is neither brave or heroic. Don't rest your hopes on Melania.

Author — Rich Republican


Ivanka is the golden child of the narcissist dad. It's not that he can't say no, he won't.

Author — Mary Mayer


Ivanka and Jared just creep me out. They seem like the kind of couple that could be doing the whole ‘Get Out’ thing in real life...

Author — Decima Nightelf


Trump & his Supporters would happily watch our country burn, just to make him *The King of the Ashes*

Author — Donovan


Interesting: there were so many books of male authors that didn't really tell us something new and then a female author comes along and delivers a new and quite suprising angle at the inherently corrupt core of the Trump family. Perhaps this is a sign, that journalism gets better with more diversity, offering more viewpoints and bringing in more contexts than just that of the 90% white male reporters, using up 90% of screentime for again and again telling us what happens from their white male point of view.

Author — Jens Scholz


"please Kelly, torture my kids so they'll leave me alone."

What a dad.

Author — Alia Ris


Jared didn't inform about his meetings with russians, and Trump got him security clearance. Although the security people didn't want to. Completely normal in the Trump administration.

Author — Mats K


Why so short ? That woman was interviewed at length on another program
and she was able to explain the breadth of corruption Ivanka & Jared are
responsible for, her book was thoroughly researched & vetted She interviewed
more than 100 White House Staffers . An articulate thoughtful journalist / author ✍️

Author — Gaye Blinman


I have mentioned Anti-Nepotism Laws for awhile, getting clapped back either with "Kennedy's brother.." to "45 doesn't get paid nor do Jared & Ivanka." *You really believe that? YOU FOOLS!*

Author — Quirky Quips


"You have a new book out, Kushner, Inc. ... the 'Inc.' is short for incompetent." Hah! 👏

Author — S Rowe


Trump and his supporters are enemies of America and common decency!

Author — Corey Mondello


Melania buys a Yacht and moves to Monaco with Barron.

Author — Robert Smith


It's a sad day when the hope of the nation rests on the shoulders of... Melania Trump 😨😨😨

Author — fisher king


Doesn't matter how many times we call out that den of thieves in the white house, the base will stick with them.

Author — prikov1


All laws are suggestions to that guy... unless they apply to the other side, of course.

Author — New Message


Trumpty Dumpty practically moved the entire family tree in there

Author — SillyLuck