Confetti Collection | February 2020

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Hi Sunshines! Today I have my Confetti Collection. This is a bimonthly subscription box that is very budget friendly. Enjoy!

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I love happy mail and would love to hear from you!

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Marietta, Ga 30007

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💬 Comments

Not a koozie person myself, but still love the stickers like. I did in the 80's, and like you still have some of my favorites!! Literally was dangerous with all the key chains I had!!!😎

Author — goingdeer


I think some of those koozies are cute looking but I never use them either lol.

Author — Lily Boo Tevere


Cute box! I do not use cozies. I once broke the ignition lock on my car from to many keys and key chains. 😋 Sunshine squad!

Author — Judi Ralston


I was watching this and realized I saw Yvette open it. You need to watch her unboxing of this one. It was funny. The cards are cute. Sunshine squad

Author — Jewel Soren


Sunshine squad. I don’t use coozies but I have a handle-less mug that gets quite hot. That could come in handy just for that.

Author — Jaye L


Sunshine Squad!🌞☀️🌝 Some cute things in the box. Lol, "I got a rock!" Yeah, what do you do with it? Meh. I do use cookies cuz my fingers go numb with cold drinks. I have Reynards disease and my fingers go numb, turn white... Definitely, a coozie gal.🤷🏼‍♀️

Author — Diane Mason


A few cute and a few not so much haha! Probably better next month. xo sunshine squad

Author — Laurie LaSalle


I got a rock.


I love that keychain though!

Author — Jaime Nason


Love the cord bag! Sunshine squad! Thanks! :D

Author — Rebecca Blashock


I have tons of coozies and never use them! Although my husband will take one when we go to the beach for his beer. Although, to be honest, it's more to cover his can so he doesn't get in trouble for having alcohol on the beach! 😂 Sunshine squad 🌞

Author — Lori Daniels


I agree on the box. I’ve never used a coozie and probably never will. Seems like a lot of work to me. LOL. Sunshine Squad 🌞🌞🌞

Author — Lisa Parolin


I got the same items. I wasn’t sure about the “rock” either and what to do with it. Keychain is cute but don’t need another It was ok
Sunshine Squad 🤗

Author — Kathy Omlor


I THINK the touch stone is for people with a.d.d. or anxiety. You can hold it and rub it with your fingers to clam you.

Author — Chantelle Yvonne


Sunshine squad. I never use cookies but I have noticed that younger, beer drinking friends use them!

Author — Karen Cluts


The items are cute but there's no theme. I always forget to use cozies.
Sunshine Squad 🌞

Author — Susan Walter


Hi Gorgeous! I like the cards and keychain, but the rest is kinda filler. I don't use coosies either. I feel like they started out strong, but are slipping. Tfs and have a lovely day Sunshine Squad!🤗💜🌞

Author — Annette W


I'm loving your hair Kristy !!!! ❤ The touch rock is kind of like worry beads. People that have anxiety or are in a stressful situation, will carry them as a distraction to roll in their fingers or palm of their hand when they need them. A more round stone or rock is a little better for it than a flat one ;-)
I agree, this isn't their best box. It's actually the worse one I've seen. Hopefully the next one will be better. Both the cards are super cute tho :)) Have a great rest of your week. Hugs ❤❤❤

Author — KathieStevens Designs


#SunshineSquad omg YES I had a zillion things on my keychain back in the day. Till about 20yrs ago. I went to start my brand new firebird and it wouldn’t start!! I broke the ignition with all my keychains. Lesson learned. 😂

Author — Brandy Reynolds


Thank you for sharing another fun box. There are some very clever things in this box but, I agree it may not be their best box ever. I will be looking forward to your next video until then please take care and God bless!

Author — Bambi Cole


I love this They have had better boxes but this one was OK

Author — Emilie Hyde