6 POPULAR Brands That Are A Total RIP-OFF!!! (imo)

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Special alpha m. thank you to Vincero for designing beautiful watches and for sponsoring this video!

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These are six brands that will never sponsor an Alpha M. video! In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says that this video may piss of some people. But Alpha feels that the quality that they are delivering for the price they're charging is ridiculous. They only rip you off if you buy it, so Alpha's giving alternatives too.
Non-sense Prices vs Sensible Alternatives

What did I miss? In the comments let me know other brands you think are a TOTAL RIP-OFF!

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I bet if Ralph Lauren sent him at T-Shirt he’d be like “6 reasons you’re ugly, number 3 you need this razor and this Ralph Lauren polo.” 🤣😂

Author — TenThumbs Productions


Want a cheap watch? But with quality? And looks superb? Try a seiko. Im not joking

Author — PJ Roska


Ralph Lauren Polo will forever be classic!

Author — garyseeseverything


I was just about to purchase a Patek Philippe but thank god I saw this video and decided to go for a vincero instead... LMFAO :))

Author — Jason Williams


comparing patek phillippe to vincero is like comparing a trailer to a 1million dollar house

Author — West Loje


calling Patek a ripoff, then promote a ripoff watch brand...How nice

Author — ZleepyHead


Vincero being compared to Patek!!😂😂🤣🤣🤦‍♂️

Author — Arnold Fuentes


6 Brands That Are Not Sponsoring alpha m.

Author — The01t


Dude you can buy Ralph Lauren from outlet malls for like $30 no one pays full price

Author — CryptoJack


"There is not such a thing as an affordable luxury".

Author — Álvaro Cruz


Instead of paying $80-$100 for Ralph Lauren polos, I go to Marshalls and get them between $40-$60.

Author — Sami Uddin


You lost me when you broke into a commercial for the cheap watch brand.

Author — Robert Sullivan


That “Get the f*** outta here” regarding the belts came straight from the heart. 😂😂😂

Author — Mrlonelygoat


Polo Ralph Lauren was pivotal in the influence of street wear and hip hop influence in designer clothes. Still incredibly expensive but love the nostalgia especially the Snow Beach line

Author — Antonio Montana


The Vincero as substitute for Patek part was depressing.

Author — Argento


Polo is the best. From the fabric to the designs, it last forever never fades or shrinks. You get what you pay for remember that

Author — Rob D.


Miss me with that H&M shit. After 3 wears/washes everything I ever bought there lost its form and fit completely

Author — Jordan P


Well, Patek might not be a rip-off because they hold their value...

Author — King Leung, RA, LEED AP


4:36 I feel like he didn't script that part and it was just Aaron being pissed off. lmao

Author — Connor Hernandez


At 2:52 All I hear when he is talking about Vincero “I love vin-cheap chineses watch movements that are probably going to break in less than a year-cero!”

Author — Math_Boi _42