Lacerate Thy Maker - Imminent (Full EP // 2018) Blackened Deathcore

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

Band: Lacerate Thy Maker
EP: Imminent

01. Malodorous 00:00
02. Misanthropy 03:52
03. Wicked Fixation 06:35
04. Vanished Flesh 09:59
05. Psychopathic Engorgement 13:12

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💬 Comments

cant wait to hear more from these guys

Author — NOVOICE


guess what...
they're recording on a new EP this month

Author — Red Pirate


Jeeeez these guys are too good to be underrated.

Author — Ramblin Ruvin


I think you'd need a special knife to cut a fictional God.

Awesome CD, thanks again. I love this channel!

Author — BirdOfHermes83


🤘🏻blackened death-core is fucking awesome and this band dose it so well!

Author — The Undead Gamer


1st..Love me some killa Blackened Deathcore. Kickass channel

Author — TsIntent


Is Blackened Deathcore actually a thing?

Author — John Stewart


No tiene nada de black, que carajos!? Parece solo Deathcore.

Author — The Gothic Killer