Stand Up: Star Platinum Requiem (Speculation)

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Speculation on Jotaro Kujo of the Stardust Crusaders.
He was also in the other parts too, so that says something.
They really did like this guy.
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For those talking about the explanation on requiems in general, I do understand the concept. Try to refer to this though.

Think about the example I brought up, that was the last situation that Jotaro was in. This is one of the many ways to counter Made In Heaven if he did need it, Jotaro doesn't having longing desires really. His desires just connect altogether, point to point. That was the reasoning as a whole.

Author — Kaleb I.A.


Star Platinum Requiem gives it an infinite time stop so Jotaro can finally get a break

Author — Zerolecks


Star Platinum: The World
Star Platinum: Emerald Splash
Star Platinum: Crazy Diamond
Star Platinum: The Hand
Star Platinum: Bites the Dust
Star Platinum: Golden Experience
Star Platinum: Sticky Fingers
Star Platinum: King Crimson
Star Platinum: Stone Free
Star Platinum: Made in Heaven
Star Platinum: Tusk
Star Platinum: Scary Monsters
Star Platinum: D4C
Star Platinum: Soft and Wet
Star Platinum: Wonder of U

Jotaro's requiem skill basically will be...

[S A M E T Y P E ]

Author — Thuputt Ammadre


"Jotaro was trying to protect the world"

JoJo Fans: ???

Author — Tabby3456


When you realize that
Jotaro defeated ZA WARUDO to PROTECT ZA WARUDO by using ZA WARUDO

Author — Ultimate LORD RJ


Chariot Requiem: The Req arrow will gives you what you want.

Jotaro: Give me a break..

Author — DarkKanar


Star Platinum Requiem is basically Jotaro saying: "So it's the same type of stand as Star Platinum"

Author — NuclearRollton


Star Platinum powers by part
*Part 3:* She calls me daddy too
*Part 4:* I’ll come get your daughter by nine
*Part 6:* Can I get a hug please?

Author — CanaryYuul


Jotaro already has a requiem stand. His requiem stand power is to say
"So it's the same type of stand as Star Platinum..."
And he gets their abilities

Author — J.Z. B.R.


SPR vs GER would basically be:
GER: I will now pummel you into infinite death and shit
SPR: lol no u

Author — ً


Stand: Star Platinum Requiem

Stand user: Jotaro Kujo

Ability: Can change time

Author — Louis Servito


“And the circles will be able to spin”

Johnny: TUSK- ACTO 4!

Jotaro: “so it’s the same stand as Star platinum...STAR PLATINUM: INFINITE SPIN”

Author — Raedler Marcaida


So Jotaro just stopped going to the gym after part 4, making Star Platinum a literal piece of paper in part 6

Author — Robopenguin The Deleto Burrito.


Kaleb: Star Platinium is THEE stand, the one nobody would ever want to go against.

Giorno (With GER): Hold my truth

Author — Gregory Owens


Probably Star Platinum “The World” in reality Jotaro says it he means “Star Platinum protect the world”

Author — Oliver


Jotaro didn't learn to fly, he just figured out how to stay in the air by using sheer anger

Author — Rokaze


Jotaro: Gimme a break..
SP Requiem's Infinite Timestop: Sure mate.

Author — Yes


Star Platinum's learning potential: complete

Requiem Arrow: I'm about to end this whole man's career

Author — BillionPie


Me: *so its the same type of Star Platinum*

Author — Jotaro Kujo


Power: stopping time

Kaleb: I know! We'll make him a sponge

Author — Gus Canterbury