Huge, Ice Yarn Haul 2022

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 months ago

Here is my yearly Ice yarn haul,
I hope something speaks for you.
Hope you enjoy!

Scarf with sleeves tutorial

Misc mixed lot 73215 $4.99

Angora Print Lilac, 53558 $4.99

Sale Self-Striping Mixed Lot Baby Wool 73742 $6.99

rainbow 62912 $8.99

Angora Print Pink 56859 $5.99

Plain Mixed Lot 72992 $5.98

Sale Plain Mixed Lot 73030 $5.98

Fleecy Wool Orange 68215 $2.99

Rainbow Anthracite Black,62904 $8.99

Saver Burgundy 47188 $6.99

Sale Self-Striping Fuchsia 71211 $7.99

Merino Batik Pink Shades 59771 $8.99

Nice Baby Pink Shades 72115 $6.99

Merino Batik Brown Shades 59772 $8.99

Sale Winter Pink 73257 $2.99

Nice Baby Pistachio Green 73624 $7.99

Sale Winter Orchid, White 69828 $3.99

Merino Batik Fuchsia, 59779 $8.99

Alpaca Cotton Gold 69056 $4.99

Nice Baby Orange, Gold, Burgundy, Green 71776 $6.99

Magic Baby Yellow, Camel 50009 $6.99

Picasso Pink Shades, Teal 69785 $7.99

💬 Comments

A fabulous haul. Love all the colors. Great bargains. Thanks for showing us.

Author — Roseann Alexander


Charlie that was an awesome yarn 🧶 haul! Wow! 💜

Author — Roselikescrochet B


I think the rainbow was my favorite, but they're all beautiful. Thanks for sharing. 😁

Author — Hook Me Up Crochet with Kristie


Beautiful yarn.. I love watching ice yarn unboxing. Thanks for sharing❤

Author — Aliceincrochetland


That wonderful Ice yarn haul.
Thanks for sharing. Beautiful daughter as mom 💝🧶🥳🥳🎉🎉

Author — Elfa Huld Helgadottir


Hi Charlie...thanks for sharing your store inventory lol. Awesome picks, now what to make... Enjoy all that yarny goodness.
Hugs and as always wishing you continued success on your channel from San Angelo, TX. 🍻🧶💋💕🙏🤟🍻
Hi to Crystal if you see her.💕💋🧶

Author — Adele Romero


Such vibrant colors as always 🙂 its very kind of you to do a raffle prize👍53558 is pretty, l could see a baby layette sweater & bonnet 👶 the rainbow is my fav!
Thank you for sharing, a lot of the colors are new to me. Be well🦋

Author — Dori Wei


Hey Woman! Good to see you again! That orange would be great for orange shirt day.

Author — dusty katt


I have not ordered any ice yarns yet, I love that angora print with the salmon, blue peach, my favorite

Author — Rosie Osburn


With the bright orange you could make hats and vests for hunters. That ribbon kinda yarn would probably make a cool looking bag. Had fun watching your haul much Love and blessings ❤️

Author — Karen Allen


Crinkling is part of the unboxing/unbaging no need to apologize for it.
That was one awesome haul, I have not bought any ice yarn yet, the website confuses me.
The "Squirrel" set is my favorite color way, all is beautiful!

Author — godrocks2107


Newby to your channel. Love your huge yarn haul

Author — Sonja Marshall


I love the rainbow size 2 is my favorite

Author — Linda Cornelius


I like all the color I could make so many different things with all of that

Author — Candy Tripp


Some great yarn 🧶 but the shipping is too much for USA

Author — maritza C


HOLY CRAP! Are you trying to give Krista (Secret Yarnery) a run for her money??!🤣😂

Author — Crochet Eh Canada