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The site Administration is against any copyright infringement! Therefore, the Administration of the site takes all necessary measures to prevent copyright violations using the provided with the help of this resource. Therefore, if you are the copyright holder of all copyrights to the product, including:

- right of reproduction;
- the right to distribute;
- right to public display;
- the right to communicate to the public.

You feel that your copyright is being violated in some way by using this site, we ask you to write to our complaints service letter (e-mail) using the contacts below. Upon receipt of your message with correctly and fully filled in data, it will be assigned an incoming number. The complaint will be considered within a period not exceeding 5 (five) working days. According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the administration is ready to consider disputes within the pre-trial (claim or other) settlement procedure.

Warning! We do not control the actions of users who may again post links to information that is subject to your copyright. Information and links on the site are published by users independently, without any control from any party, which is fully consistent with the generally accepted world practice of posting information and links on the Internet. But in any case we are ready to consider all your correctly formulated complaints about the information and links to information that violates your copyright.

Data required:

  1. Information about the author's product:
    1.1. Product name-Russian and English (if there is an English version).
    1.2. Official product website (if any).
    1.3. The number given to the product by the state register.
    1.4. For Legal Entities / Owners of electronic publications/computer programs/databases - a Document of state registration (copy).
    - For Legal Entities / Owners of film and video materials - a copy of the rental certificate.

  2. Owner Information:
    2.1. The full name of the legal entity.
    2.2. Postal address. (if the legal and postal address are different, then you need to specify a legal address).
    2.3. Official website of the owner.
    2.4. License for the right to operate (if such activity requires licensing in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation).
    2.5. Contact person of the owner (name, position, phone, email).

  3. Personal data of the Complainant.
    3.1. Surname First Name.
    3.2. Position.
    3.3. Phone.
    3.4. E-mail.
    3.5. Power of attorney for actions (copy) on behalf of the right Holder (it is not necessary if the person filing the complaint is the head of the company of the right Holder).
    If the complaint says the copyright holder and his authorized power of attorney, the representative is a legal entity, it is necessary to provide a power of attorney (copy) to the actions of individuals on behalf of the company, the authorized attorney of the copyright holder (not necessary if the person who wrote the complaint is the head of the company representative).

  4. Data for the claim.
    4.1. The address of the page on the site that contains links to data or information that violates copyright. The link must be of the form
    4.2. Detailed description of the essence of copyright infringement (why the publication of this information is prohibited by the copyright Holder).

  5. A Statement on the legality of the action (written by hand and sent in a scanned form). Required for each complaint.

Sample application:

I, (Surname First Name), acting on behalf of (legal name of the right holder) on the basis of the power of attorney (power of attorney data) certify that all the data specified in this application are correct, (name of the person) (right Holder) - is the owner of all copyrights to the product, including:

- right of reproduction;
- the right to distribute;
- right to public display;
- the right to communicate to the public.

In case of any claims to the site by third parties related to the violation of their copyright or consumer rights in relation to the remote/blocked links or information, the right Holder will take all necessary measures to resolve all claims, as well as possible disputes, including litigation.

The Rightholder undertakes to settle claims and demands or claims of third parties, as well as to fully reimburse the site all costs and losses (including lost profits, legal fees, etc.) related to compensation of claims and claims, claims of third parties for violation of their copyrights, as well as other claims related to illegal or erroneous blocking or removal of links and information from the site at the request of the Owner.

(date, signature, Surname First Name and stamp)

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