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Изображение RAW: Video shows moment mudslide hits California home Изображение RAW: Video shows moment mudslide hits California home Изображение RAW: Video shows moment mudslide hits California home
RAW: Video shows moment mudslide hits California home 4
California mudslides have caused multiple deaths, wide destruction.

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Is the family well? I hope the could have made it. Debris flow is one of the strongest local natural phenomena which occur in the surrounding of mountain areas. Never miss the authorities' alerts and get out when they say so! I learned that the area was well alerted by the hazards that were to come.

Автор — Renato Prandina


Drought, fire, now water. Then the earth trembles because of the shock of being overwhelmed.

Автор — Rita Doucet


It makes headlines when it is in America wow

Автор — VOLKAN


Even 0prah got Wacked: I guess the "god" inside her was 0ff Duty!

Автор — TruthOldSchoolStyle


Why would you be in bed knowing this is coming instead of out of the house a long time ago?

Автор — williamter


Thanks to your bravery, you saved the life a of two families, including yours.

Автор — Giraffa Camelopardalis


You have been warned California. If you keep voting for democraps who want to DESTROY AMERICA. Much more devastation is coming to California

Автор — Jon cruiser


Mother nature is unavoidable!

God's blessings to everyone living on this earth!!!

Kindness with compassion in life to others!

Автор — Lov 1234


That car was about to be toast. Wonder if they backed up in time?

Автор — Slick Rock


if youre going to film... just film!!!!

Автор — Adam Jacob Cram


as the song goes.Hate to say i told you so

Автор — daniellekingdjk3


*"Wake dad up... wake up."* Dad must have smoked a potent strain of medical marijuana.

Автор — Ntr Htp


omg that was so scary that person left just in time

Автор — Rena McCraney


Переезжайте к нам в Россию . У нас такого не бывает .

Автор — Илья Шевляков


😱*HOW Many DEAD. 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 😀*How Many DEAD 💀💀💀💀💀💀 (*ARE WHITE)*!!! 👷👵👸👴👷👵



That’s what u get for being so liberal

Автор — hightops77


What we Know
While stoners can perform simple tasks well while they are high, brain imaging has shown they have to use more of their brain to do so. Reaction times are slower, peripheral vision is decreased and multitasking impeded. As a result, when sudden or surprising things occur to complicate those tasks — such as when a mud slide appears in front of a car — they cannot respond as well. On the other hand, marijuana users tend to be aware they are impaired and try to compensate for it.
Yeah, well - the Dude abides.

Автор — Daniel Phillips


that white van didn't make it out.

Автор — bën aphar


Watch out ''el niño'' is coming !!

Автор — rolando davila gomez


Thank you for sharing. Hopefully everyone is okay, very tense to watch.

Автор — GodFearingspirit


Type Catholic themselves fail valuable content imagine multiple shooting explain population

Автор — Victor Ronning