The 261mph Bugatti Chiron - Chris Harris Drives - Top Gear — Авто и транспорт

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Изображение The 261mph Bugatti Chiron - Chris Harris Drives - Top Gear Изображение The 261mph Bugatti Chiron - Chris Harris Drives - Top Gear Изображение The 261mph Bugatti Chiron - Chris Harris Drives - Top Gear
The 261mph Bugatti Chiron - Chris Harris Drives - Top Gear 4.5
Chris Harris gets one day to explore the many talents of the 1,479bhp 261mph Bugatti Chiron. What would you do if you had one day with the Bugatti Chiron?

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Absolutely beautiful video! This video single handedly made me like the Chiron. Amazing cinematography, amazing music, amazing car! Its so good I could just watch this and not bother with the actual Top Gear at all.

Автор — BlackWind


Just an incredible piece of machinery!

Автор — Football Nation


Top gear would be dead with out this guy

Автор — James Burns


Hated the Veyron, but this. This is simple stunning. The Veyron felt like just another car (still extraordinary), but the Chiron is more special. More than just numbers, but heart and engineering.

Автор — Gustavo Perez


beatiful cinematography, stunning film. and Chris is brilliant

Автор — Jack


Damn it whats the track playing at the end. I need to know!

Автор — Where Has The Time Gone


what is the music at 6:15 .

Автор — Paul Kozlovsky


For those wanting the song at 4:20 the closest I have been able to find is Radiohead - All I Need (Instrumental cover by RealRate) Be nice for video uploader to actually tell us it!

Автор — portraitofcurcelli


Chris Harris comes across as one of the most likeable car reviewers

Автор — Otto Schlosser


5:09 you need help man. We are here for you

Автор — Yeet


I just have to laugh at some of these ridiculous comments. "I don't like this" or "that sucks" or "this or that is way better".... smh
...mostly coming from twits who drive back & forth from their job at Burger King in their rusted-out 2002 Honda Civics with the obligatory Ebay wing glued to the trunk lid.

Автор — Daniel Heller


That moment when your going 130mph and realize your not even halfway in I'm so jealous...incredible car.

Автор — Lorentzoe 45


Such a beautiful car in a very stunning environment! The color combination is phenomenal! Can someone please tell me the instrumental music that starts at 6:16?

Автор — DoctaFloyd


The 261mph
يعني كم بالكيلووو؟

Автор — ابو عداي


Oh no... I just really looked at the front of it and it reminds me of trump with his squinty face and up turned lip... its even the right color!

Автор — anotherrandomtexan25


Chiron or Veyron . What do you prefer?

Автор — ABC


The Hennessey venom is still faster and cheaper

Автор — Andrew King


I feel like being the only one who prefers the Veyron

Автор — lexa 2t


For what a must have been a combination of the glamorous shots, tranquil music, and phenomenal car, I truly felt a sense of wonder and awe from this point on until the end of the video. Mind you, I was never very impressed in the bugatti veyron, or really any production cars in general since they're limited in performance compared to custom builds. However, the filmography displayed here of such a true masterpiece of a machine gave me a feeling I have never felt before.

Автор — aiGeis


Bugatti is an Italian car from Milan. I hope one day will come back in italy.

Автор — Marco Di Giovanni


What's the name of the music at the 4:22 mark? It's exhilarating.

Автор — timtheclassic1