Childish Gambino - Telegraph Ave ('Oakland' By Lloyd)

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Childish Gambino - Telegraph Ave ('Oakland' By Lloyd) 5

Music video by Childish Gambino performing Telegraph Ave ("Oakland" By Lloyd). (C) 2014 Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC

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one of the most amazing music videos eveeeer!!! :O

Автор — Majestic Casual


Where can I get the shirt CG is wearing?!?! I absolutely love it haha

Автор — Stephen McCabe


I interpret this video as basically the locals (people from his past) know he's a monster/a bad person/a loser. Gambino is trying to leave that behind him and start fresh with Aiko. But the past won't let it go. They see him and see him doing well, so confront him about his demons and thus, bring the monster out of him. Aiko loves him regardless of his history. It's deep fam.

Автор — R


still waiting for a childish/kehlani collab.

Автор — Miranda Potter


At the end the girl was just like... you aint gonna go anywhere except my place with those tentacles ;)

Автор — Louis Guevarra


This guy doesn't make "videos" he makes movies!

Автор — TonyT


This guy has true talent. He's a writer, comedian, actor, singer, and rapper. God damn...

Автор — BRBallin1


The funny thing is that song Lloyd singing it's not even real lol

Автор — Craig David


He freaking incorporated the Yoruba talking drum from West Africa at 3:00 and he dances smoothly to the rhythm of our ancestors. Really proud to be African. Childish Gambino is a living Picasso.

Автор — kayode toluwalase


2 years later and I'm still in love with this video.

Автор — Seven aura


"Im his #1 fan because I heard 3005, Sweatpants and Heartbeat :D" No bitch, start from Sic Boi and work your way up...

Автор — Azerrz


So this is the second season boss of stranger things?

Автор — PlayerTw0


How did he knew the lyrics of the song if it was brand new on the radio?

Автор — MrCrespo583


Me and your mama brought me back.. you're DOPE

Автор — LizDrools


I low key looked for the song Oakland by Lloyd... they seriously need to make it an actual song

Автор — Devyn Caron


That went from chillout zen rap to tentacle hentai porn pretty quick.. Nice!

Автор — RackaRacka


This is some future season of Stranger Things where Dustin is an adult and the Demogorgon starts infecting human hosts.

Автор — Chris Kelley


It went from normal music video to THAT CAR JUST RAN OVER GAMBINO! To tentacle hentai

Автор — Tyler King


look at Jhene Aiko's glow @ 1:15 shes so beautiful ahh

Автор — TR6PL


He sings, raps, hes a producer, writer, comedian and actor, where'd this man come from?

Автор — Remnants Rants