SUV Caravan Challenge | Top Gear | Series 22 | BBC — Авто и транспорт

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SUV Caravan Challenge | Top Gear | Series 22 | BBC 5
The team put their SUVs through their paces by testing them with caravans acting as ballasts. Who will come out with the least damage...?

From Top Gear, Series 22 Episode 8

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I'm watching this, because new TG is really, really bad. It is bad staged...

Автор — Harvester Forwarder & More


"James we've looked at the situation and there's nothing we can do" oh Jeremy we will miss you hahahaha

Автор — TOTAL WAR BATTLES with dan


I can the downforce from my 'a ballast'. xD

Автор — Sam Carpenter


James, I've looked at the situation, and there's nothing we can do.

Автор — Ben Klein


Just can't wait for Chris Evans and Matt Leblanc to be doing this gonna be sooo funny, said no one ever.

Автор — mattfox14


Anyone else watching these all the time with Clarkson, May and Hammond in, and whenever it comes out anyone else feel like they should thumbs down due to them not being on the show, but then thumbs up due to the respectful memories?

Автор — Dasher


While in the Kia, The Stig was the most bored creature in the universe

Автор — Boromycin


to test suspension"

I would rather say it's designed to break suspension.:P

Автор — T-REX320 RR7


many poos shot out of my anai. hahahahaha

Автор — Cameron Dempster


bbc, you've made your bed, now sleep in it...these three are hilarious together, and i doubt anyone will ever match them

Автор — bighunterman77


"Leisure Stig"

I will never stop laughing at that

Автор — James May's Flying Washing Machine


2:14 that laugh is real, 2:17 this one as well, they had fun, a lot of it, and you had fun with them, Matt and the CCs won't reach that, because they take TopGear as a job, for this 3 Top Gear was their baby

Автор — James Patrick


Oh Amazon Prime... You've made a wonderful choice haven't ye?

Автор — Matt Smith


All the old car and caravan challenges is what will become most memorable from top gear in my opinion.. not all the super duper expensive luxury car reviews.

Автор — Tactical operator run n gun duracoat master of the deserts of Utah


Coming here for a quick laugh, even though iv seen it many times.

Автор — peruface


this humour will never be replicated by the BBC's new show!

Автор — lffit


"Many poos shot out of my ani"

Автор — GimmehMyMoney


I dont care how much of a knob Jeremy is, i will still always like him

Автор — Warg3n3


Seems fishy that BBC would still be posting these even though they've cut all ties with Clarkson. They're desperate.

Автор — MicroKORGI


I like the Cherokee the best. They seem like good vehicles. They haven't been sold new in the US in 15 years at this point and yet I still almost always see more than one of them on the road when I go out. And they salt the roads here in winter too. If nothing else, they certainly have longevity.

Автор — CosmicPentastar