ANTHEM Gameplay Trailer (2018) New Bioware Game | E3 2017 — Игры

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ANTHEM Gameplay Trailer (2018) New Bioware Game | E3 2017 4.5

Anthem Gameplay Trailer - 2018 New Bioware Project Scorpio Game

Release: TBA

Скачать — ANTHEM Gameplay Trailer (2018) New Bioware Game | E3 2017

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Комментарии к видео
АвторАвтор: Private
fuck off. no way it's looking like this ya chumps
Дата: 11.06.2017

АвторАвтор: Nightmare78hAlo
It looks like a more fun Destiny but in third person, now we'll see if the actual final release of the game will be as good as this trailer was.
Дата: 11.06.2017

АвторАвтор: LaughingSurrey
Looks great, but I hate that you have to break the immersion of this beautiful world by making it multiplayer
Дата: 11.06.2017

АвторАвтор: Caleb Baker
It's like Destiny, except for it's HZ Dawn, except it's Titanfall, except it's Wildlands, except it might be good.
Дата: 11.06.2017

АвторАвтор: heatmaster28
Isn't the whole purpose of a freelancer that they don't belong to a group? So an organization calling themselves "Freelancers" kinda defeats the whole purpose of that, no?
That's like taking a team of 20 people, and calling them "The Lonewolves"
Дата: 12.06.2017

АвторАвтор: panchotheaddict420
best game Microsoft showed is multiplat
Дата: 11.06.2017

АвторАвтор: YoDavidPlays
They should've just had some real people play this and recoded that, because these voice actors are ass. No emotion.
Дата: 11.06.2017

АвторАвтор: Alexander Ash
So it's pure multiplayer? No option to play offline and solo? Pity.... I thought they are making something like DAO or ME...., not another SWTOR.
Дата: 12.06.2017

АвторАвтор: DarkWingsAscending
So this is a multiplayer shooter game? No thanks, Bioware.
Дата: 11.06.2017

АвторАвтор: Boblymon
Hopefully the gameplay isn't as boring as it looks here, since the graphics are absolutely beautiful and the setting looks really interesting
Дата: 11.06.2017

АвторАвтор: Tim McFadden
I miss Bioware. That company put out epic single players campaigns based on good stories. EAware isn't that company. This looks great, much better than MEA, but it is not my cup of tea. Hope others enjoy it tho
Дата: 11.06.2017

АвторАвтор: Hunter Lilly
The cringiest voice acting I've heard..
Дата: 13.06.2017

АвторАвтор: Aernoth
Those guns look like ass to shoot
Дата: 11.06.2017

АвторАвтор: oLyke Butters
wow this dialog is sounding just like the Division, it's cringe and will be downgraded
Дата: 12.06.2017

АвторАвтор: Absolutely ForSure
This looks like what the division should have been. Please don't mess this up. I need this 🎮🎮🎮🎮
Дата: 11.06.2017

АвторАвтор: Mike Samuels
I just wish they continued with MEA instead of whatever this is.... I'm going to miss MEA so much really wished they kept it alive
Дата: 12.06.2017

АвторАвтор: JustDrew
Lots of running with no story. I'll pass thanks.
Дата: 30.08.2017

АвторАвтор: Kuro Neko
Bioware was known for their stories and complex characters, and now they are making open world games, which I hate. The reason why I loved them now is gone. Дата: 11.06.2017

АвторАвтор: Hellothere _1
So my guess is that those shaper storms are like one of the core aspects of the game.

Judging by the name and optics my guess would be that they are like huge swarm of nanobots which redesign parts of the map on a regular basis. This would definitely help keep the game from getting stale quickly.
Дата: 11.06.2017

АвторАвтор: vuki
Lets get some more people
expectation : They arrive instantly like in the video
reality : you wait 30 minutes for them while 1 friend is farming getting 7 levels ahead of everyone and the other afk watching youtube
Дата: 20.09.2017

АвторАвтор: Joseph Piatt
The game looks gorgeous, but if you're going to hire people pretend to play the game, you may as well hire genuine voice actors. Or listen to a video of real people playing games before you put the script in front of your interns.
Дата: 30.06.2017

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