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Изображение Top 10 Unsportsmanlike Moments in Pro Sports Изображение Top 10 Unsportsmanlike Moments in Pro Sports Изображение Top 10 Unsportsmanlike Moments in Pro Sports
Top 10 Unsportsmanlike Moments in Pro Sports 4.5

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Something black and really hard... heh heh

Автор — Ian Holder


zidane is the man. you got it all wrong. noobs..

Автор — grevtelemark


For the guy spitting in the other guys face, do we REALLY need to make everything about race? It couldn't have been just two athletes with testosterone pumping during the middle of a game?

Автор — Enoch Thompson


the Zidane headbutt was crazy, but how in any world is that #1?

Автор — MightyManotaur22


Materazzi said he would fuck Zidane's disabled sister. Later after the game, he joked about the red card Zidane got shown. Zidane never said anything about the incident and it was Materazzi who years after confesed his behaviour. The headbutt was nothing compared to the beating he diserved that day...

Автор — thakrak


Who else thinks Materazzi deserved to be headbutted?

Автор — Feodor Blinnikov


What about when david nalbandian kicked the line referee in a tennis match? The ref was bleeding afterwards

Автор — 1000 subs 0 vids


The '79 Bruins jump into the stands and kick the shit out of fans? #9Stingley gets paralyzed? Honorable mentionTodd Bertuzzi ends Steve Moore's career? Honorable mentionZidane headbutts someone? #1This is how you know WatchMojo doesn't know how to sequence brutality

Автор — JaSK


how the hell does a headbutt beat Tysons infamous ear biting? Or fights in a crowd? Watch mojo lists are always so screwed up

Автор — Billy Blackmon


Materazzi deserved what he got, his chest must have hurt real bad, lol, that's what you get for insulting other people 's sisters

Автор — UPlayNetwork


i know wwe is fake but where is the montreal screwjob

Автор — King zombie 2000


it's also unsportsmanlike to insult the family from your opponent

Автор — Justin Thoß


"It just can't happen It did, in the world cup... Suarez..

Автор — tyler


Im sorry, but eric cantona flying kick on a fan should be, at least, in honourable mentions

Автор — NapstaBlunt


Zidane's headbutt wasn't even that strong. Also the Italian player supposedly said an insult about Zidane's mom

Автор — Nick


He gets headbutted in the chest and grabs his face as he falls down; why soccer is pretty sad.

Автор — Nate Miller


What about Suarez handball vs Ghana?? That's so unsportsmanlike

Автор — Cape Horn of Mercury


Hiring someone to break a kneecap gets #8 and a headbutt gets #1? Ok that's it mojo, I'm done.

Автор — Michael Price


Zidane did it because that Italian fuck insulted his sister. And since he is a real man, he did what needed to be done.

Автор — David Zondag


Why Zidane is crazy reaction ??? I would do the same .

Автор — Mpamphs Kangourosaurous