People Are Awesome - Best of the Month (January 2018)

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People Are Awesome - Best of the Month (January 2018) 4.5
Did the month of January feel longer than usual for anyone else? Good news though, people are still awesome! Enjoy the best videos of the month!


Best of the Week ➝

People Are Awesome vs. FailArmy ➝


Love On My Mind - Mikael Persson
Flashing Lights - Daxten
No Time For That - Andreas Jamshere
An Alien In Love (Instrumental Version) - Tomas Skyldeberg
Mozzey - Come With Me ft. Virie _ Zaza (Artist Intelligence Agency)
ES_Diamonds And Skies - Niklas Gustavsson

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9:51 sometime you just have to take a break

Автор — gsom7


Watching these just make me realise how unawesome I am

Автор — Peter Fullarton


Really Awesome videos😄😄
😇Hit for like😇

Автор — shankar soni


To be honest: some of those Tennis shots are pretty easy

Автор — Bene dikt


12:54 That German flag is a little bit outdated :D

Автор — halber Veganer


i wouldn't say brushing your teeth while doing push ups is a talent, but then again it is a way to be efficient in a schedule

Автор — Lucarion CJX


the girl in blue at 0:40 is pretty awesome

Автор — jquikshot


Does anyone know the name of the kind of skates that were used at the skate board parks ? They look sick but different from normal roller blades

Автор — Kittycatcarter


8:07 that's not awsome, it's stupid...

Автор — raphael podest


Wie kann man so nervige Musik für ein Video verwenden🤦🏼‍♂️🤮

Автор — Sebastian Jud


The last 12 minutes was a re-hash of previous videos, mostly about 5 or 6 people, cleverly edited into each having about 3-5 clips. Still... people are awesome, and now- more to my speed- time to go watch FAILS.

Автор — landseer lover


2:04 how do you climb a ladder not mounted on anything?

Автор — kingmarion1234